33 At-Home Lab Tests You Can Do

33 At Home Lab Tests You Can Do

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Many years ago, conducting lab tests in the comfort of your home was unheard of. Things have changed, and now the need may arise for you to conduct medical or environmental testing at home.  These tests can span anywhere from allergens to soil or even air quality.

What Are At-Home Lab Tests?

At-home lab tests are designed to make regular testing hassle-free and affordable. They remove the need to visit a doctor, specialist, or laboratory. At-home test kits also facilitate privacy for sensitive conditions, such as STD or fertility testing, and give you the freedom to test yourself whenever you need to, with no co-pay or waiting for an appointment. 

How can you determine what is the best at-home test for you? Do you want to go through the entire at-home lab test industry to find the best ones? The good news is you don’t have to since we’ve handled the tough stuff. Here is a recommendation of 33 reliable and accurate tests you can do right at home. Pretty awesome, right?

Are At-Home Lab Tests Accurate?

t-home lab tests are quite accurate. Developers of home test kits are governed by various regulatory bodies. In the United States, it is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); in the United Kingdom, it is the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR) and in Australia, it is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). These authorities help guide and approve most over-the-counter test kits.

1. Air Quality At-Home Lab Test

Home Air Check provides numerous air quality test kits with patented technology to ensure “the air you breathe is not a mystery” by providing an unrivaled collection of trace-level toxins they can test for.

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Anyone can use these air-quality at-home lab test kits; however, they are best suited for persons diagnosed with air-quality-sensitive conditions, such as asthma, allergies, or any respiratory illness. If you are moving into a new home, consider doing an air quality check for mold, toxins, and more. These tests are easy to use with a simple setup and they come with a user manual. Here is more information on at-home air quality tests.

2. Allergy At-Home Lab Test

Everly Well’s indoor and outdoor allergy test kit can detect forty different allergens and it recommends possible next steps. 

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Anyone experiencing allergy-related symptoms, such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, fatigue, sneezing, coughing, skin rashes, or headaches should consider doing this at-home lab test. Allergies are often mistaken for the common cold, but Everly Well can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing whether your allergies are at play or not.

3. Anti-Aging At-Home Lab Test

MyLAB Box’s at-home anti-aging screening conveniently allows you to send in a blood or saliva sample, and they will provide you with results in as little as five days.

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MyLAB Box’s at-home lab test is ideal for men and women concerned about symptoms of premature aging. This test can help you identify abnormalities, empowering you to make lifestyle changes and healthier choices to combat and reverse signs of aging.

4. Blood Count At-Home Lab Test

Lab Me’s complete blood count at-home lab test kit can easily, quickly, and conveniently assess your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including infection and leukemia.

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Lab Me’s complete blood count test kit can be used by persons who may be experiencing abnormal symptoms, including fever, bleeding, weakness, fatigue, inflammation, or bruising. Anyone can use this kit, from those monitoring a current blood disorder diagnosis to those simply interested in monitoring their general health.

5. Celiac At-Home Lab Test

Imaware’s Celiac Disease at-home lab test uses the gold standard biomarker to simply and comprehensively determine how your body reacts to gluten, allowing you to self-screen for Celiac Disease from the comfort of your home.

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Anyone with a family history of Celiac Disease is encouraged to get regular screenings. Additionally, this at-home lab test is recommended for persons experiencing symptoms including itchy skin, rashes, chronic digestive issues, unexplained anemia, fatigue, or unintentional weight loss. Here is more information on at-home Celiac Disease Tests.

6. Cholesterol At-Home Lab Test

Let’s Get Checked provides an at-home lab test for rapid, convenient, and discreet cholesterol evaluation, which can help you detect total triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and HDL percentage of total cholesterol. 

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This at-home lab test is best suited for anyone experiencing high cholesterol or persons at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

7. Colon Cancer Screening At-Home Lab Test

This Colon Cancer Screening Test from Let’s Get Checked is an affordable at-home option for determining or monitoring any abnormalities within the colon.  

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This test is best suited to those with symptoms or has a family history of colon cancer. Additionally, persons over the age of forty-five should get regular screenings.

8. Cortisol At-Home Lab Test

Quickly and conveniently measure your adrenal performance with this cortisol at-home lab test by Let’s Get Checked.

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This cortisol home at-home test kit is suitable for persons experiencing chronic fatigue and those with symptoms of Cushing Syndrome or Addison’s Disease. It is also recommended for competitive bodybuilders or those taking testosterone.

9. COVID-19 At-Home Lab Test

EverlyWell’s  Ellume COVID-19 at-home lab test is a safe, FDA-approved rapid antigen test that enables at-home sample testing with digital results sent to your device within fifteen minutes.

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This test is ideal for you if you are experiencing mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

10. Diabetes (HbA1c) At-Home Lab Test 

This  Prediabetes and Diabetes Screening Test from Imaware tests and monitors your blood sugar levels at home with just a prick of your finger.

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Persons at risk of developing diabetes are best suited for using the at-home lab test to monitor their sugar levels. Diabetics looking to control or reverse their condition can also use this test kit to monitor their HbA1c and glucose levels.

11. Drugs & Toxicology At-Home Lab Test 

MyLAB Box supplies four drug and toxicology at-home lab tests that you can use to approximate the dosage of illicit substances in your body or determine your exposure to certain toxic metals. 

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These tests are most suitable for people whose work or home environment provides them with an elevated risk of toxin exposure. If you suspect that a supplement or anything you consumed contained a toxin or drug, you too benefit from these tests. They are also suited for athletes to check if they’re clean.

12. Female Fertility At-Home Lab Test

With EverlyWell’s female fertility at-home lab test, women can discreetly assess whether or not their hormones are balanced to support the normal ovarian function needed for pregnancy.

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If you are thinking of starting a family or if you have difficulty conceiving, this female fertility test is for you.

13.  Food Sensitivity At-Home Lab Test

This comprehensive food sensitivity test by Everly Well identifies a broad range of foods that you may be hypersensitive to, with just a prick of your finger.

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This at-home lab test is recommended for those with broad diets or those experiencing unexplained food sensitivity symptoms.

14. General Health Check At-Home Lab Test

Lab.Me provides a comprehensive test that helps monitor overall health by evaluating cardiovascular health, liver function, cortisol, stress, and unhealthy inflammation, among other things.

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This at-home lab test is ideal for persons who just want to get a better perspective of their overall health. If you are experiencing generic symptoms of illness, use this kit to determine which internal system is ill. 

15. Genetic (Ancestry and WellBeing) At-Home Lab Test

Living DNA offers two of the most detailed DNA ancestry kits in the world, allowing you to access your genetic history with one cheek swab.

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This at-home lab test suits individuals who are concerned about their genetic risk for particular diseases or people curious about their genetic roots and familial relationships.

16. Heart and Liver Function At-Home Lab Test

This at-home test was developed by Lab.Me. It allows you to conveniently assess your liver and heart function to monitor your cardiovascular & liver health better.

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This at-home lab test is recommended for persons who are overweight, taking cholesterol medication, or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Suppose you have a family history of cardiac disease, smoke or drink alcohol frequently, or are diagnosed with the following conditions: diabetes, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, or underactive thyroid gland. In that case, this heart and liver function test may be in your best interest. 

17.  Inflammation At-Home Lab Test

This inflammation at-home lab test kit by MyLAB Box uses a finger prick to provide a comprehensive overview of your current Vitamin D levels to determine if your body can fight off inflammation. 

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If you are experiencing active, recurrent, or chronic inflammation, this home test kit is for you.

18. Iron At-Home Lab Test

This at-home lab test from Let’s Get Checked quickly assesses your iron levels to determine whether your levels are balanced.

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This kit is ideal for people diagnosed with iron deficiency, vegetarians who have a family history of iron imbalance, and those who frequently donate blood. You can also find out more information about at-home Iron Tests here.

19.  Lyme Disease At-Home Lab Test

EverlyWell’s at-home lab test kit uses a finger prick blood sample collection to determine if you are positive for Lyme disease.

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If you live in or have traveled to a state where Lyme disease is prevalent, we recommend that you use this home testing kit. The same goes for certain foreign countries, such as Austria, the Czech Republic, and southern Germany.

20. Male Fertility At-Home Lab Test

MyLAB Box’s at-home test for male fertility uses a private semen analysis to evaluate a man’s fertility status. 

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If you are thinking of starting a family or have had difficulty impregnating your partner, this test can help you determine any underlying factors inhibiting your fertility.

21.  Men's Health At-Home Lab Test

This Male Executive Wellness test from LAB.ME is a comprehensive test for men that monitors multiple systems, including the liver, testosterone, kidneys, prostate,  heart, and more. 

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This at-home lab test is suitable for men who want to manage their health, especially those with a family history or those men who have an elevated risk for developing heart, liver, kidney, or prostate disease. 

22. Metabolism At-Home Lab Test

This EverlyWell metabolism at-home lab test kit is designed to test the three key hormones that influence weight and energy.

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If you are struggling to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, consider using this metabolism test kit to determine if underlying metabolic issues are contributing to a “slow metabolism.”

23. Prostate Cancer Screening At-Home Lab Test

Imaware’s easy prostate cancer at-home lab test will help you conveniently screen for this disease.

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If you are a male over the age of forty or with a family history of prostate cancer, you can use this home test to start screening today. 

24. Rapid UTI At-Home Lab Test

This My LabBOX test kit facilitates at-home lab testing for UTIs in two minutes.

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If you experience urinary tract infection symptoms or use catheters, this test will best suit you.

25. Skin Vitality At-Home Lab Test

My LAB Box at-home skin vitality test provides a fast, easy, and convenient method for you to get a comprehensive view of your current Estradiol, Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA, Cortisol, TSH, and Vitamin D levels and better understand your skin vitality. 

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This skin vitality test is recommended for anyone battling a skin condition and can help them discover the root cause. 

26. Sleep & Stress At-Home Lab Test

EverlyWell’s sleep and stress at-home lab test evaluates three vital hormones involved in sleeping and can help you determine why you’ve been struggling with sleep lately. 

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This test is ideal if your struggle to sleep or manage your stress is affecting you physically.

27. Soil Testing At-Home Lab Test

Whitetail Institute developed an at-home soil test kit that helps you determine the exact amount of fertilizer and lime required for optimum soil health, so you don’t buy more than you need. 

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This soil test kit is suitable for all gardeners or farmers.  Healthy soil helps your plants grow to be their most attractive and nutritious. Keep your wallet and garden happy and consider a soil test kit. 

28. STD At-Home Lab Test

Let’s Get Checked’s at-home STD test kit provides a discreet way for you to test for several diseases, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, syphilis, Gardnerella, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma.

My Take

Screening regularly for STDs is essential.  If you are sexually active, even if you practice safe sex, you need to get tested at least every six months to ensure you are not infected. Getting regular testing enables early detection and prompt intervention.

29. Testosterone At-Home Lab Test

This at-home lab test from Let’s get Checked is specifically designed to measure the amount of testosterone present in your blood.

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This at-home testosterone test kit is ideal for men undergoing chemotherapy or radiation or those diagnosed with  Klinefelter syndrome. If you have diabetes, iron overload, chronic stress, or obesity, or a family history of low testosterone or thyroid issues, consider using this at-home testing kit to evaluate your status regularly.

30. Thyroid Testing At-Home Lab Test

Imaware developed this at-home lab test for females to assess their Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels and establish whether or not their thyroid gland is under or overactive, facilitating early intervention.

My Take

Thyroid tests are recommended for women with a wide range of health concerns. The following lists several of these conditions: autoimmune problems, chronic illnesses, like diabetes or heart disease, women with a family history of thyroid issues, iodine exposure or deficiency, smokers, women over sixty, and those who have been pregnant within the past six months. 

31.  Vitamin At-Home Lab Test

Let’s Get Checked offers two at-home lab test options geared toward easily monitoring vitamin levels to identify nutritional deficiencies as they arise.

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This test is recommended for anyone who may struggle to include vitamins in their diet or process vitamins, including vegans, people over fifty, picky eaters, and those who struggle with nutrient absorption.

32. Water Testing At-Home Lab Test

Safe Home® offers four DIY water testing options: bacteria, lead, city water, and well water. 

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This at-home water testing kit is suitable for everyone. Homeowners and building managers should regularly use water testing kits to ensure their residents are getting clean, healthy water. More information on at-home water test kits is available here.

33. Women's Health  At-Home Lab Test

This Female Executive Wellness Test by Lab.Me is comprehensive, allowing for quick and efficient monitoring of multiple body systems and processes, such as metabolism, heart, kidneys, liver, and more.

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This test is suitable for women who want to control their health or have an elevated risk of developing heart, liver, or kidney disease. 

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At-home lab tests have revolutionized many industries, with their popularity soaring over the years. They provide an economical solution for anyone seeking regular testing for nearly any purpose with fast and reliable results. Read my next article to ensure you find the best company for your at-home lab test…


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