7 Best At Home Mold Test Kits

7 Best At-Home Mold Test Kits

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Mold can be a sneaky home intruder. Though invisible, mold exposure will affect your home’s air quality and potentially cause serious health issues. Protect your home. Don’t let mold growth go unnoticed! With the right at home mold test kit, you can detect mold problems and assess if your home has mold growth. If you’re not sure what a DIY mold test kit is or are unsure which test to get, you’ve come to the right place. 


In this article, we share our handpicked recommendations for the seven best at home mold test kits that provide rapid and accurate results. As a result, you’ll be able to take control of your indoor environment, detect mold presence, and eliminate mold-related issues with ease.

Can I Test For Mold At Home Myself?

Yes, with an at home mold test, you can identify mold growth in your home yourself. At-home mold test kits provide a convenient and affordable option to detect the presence of mold in your home. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can collect samples from various surfaces using tape strips or petri dishes and send them to a professional lab for analysis. Within just a few days, you’ll receive accurate results that can help you determine the presence of mold and assess the severity of mold growth in your home.


At-home mold test kits typically use rapid tests and lab testing techniques to identify mold spores. These tests are designed to detect the most common types of mold and provide a comprehensive assessment of your home’s air quality. If the mold test results indicate the presence of mold, it is essential to take the necessary steps to address the mold problem. This may involve seeking the assistance of a professional mold inspector for a thorough mold inspection and assessment.


In addition to the convenience and accuracy, at-home mold testing offers significant cost benefits compared to professional mold testing services. Professional mold inspections can be expensive, requiring a site visit by a certified mold inspector and laboratory analysis conducted by specialized professionals. DIY mold test kits provide a more affordable alternative without compromising the reliability of the results. Furthermore, the early detection of mold through at-home testing allows for timely intervention and potential cost savings in addressing mold issues before they escalate.


An at home mold assessment provides you with valuable information about your indoor air quality, allowing you to take proactive measures to improve it. If the lab test results show the presence of mold, the next steps would involve consulting with professionals, such as mold remediation experts, to help with mold removal and prevention. Remember, the accuracy of the test results and the effectiveness of mold management depend on following the instructions provided and collecting representative samples from different areas of your home.

How Do You Test For Mold At Home?

At-home mold test kits are a convenient and easy way to assess the presence of mold in your home. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can easily perform the test and obtain accurate results. Although every mold test kit is different, most follow the same steps.


You’ll start by selecting an appropriate DIY mold test kit. These kits often include necessary tools such as tape strips or petri dishes to collect samples from surfaces where mold growth is suspected. Ensure you choose a kit that offers lab testing services for a comprehensive analysis of the collected samples. Next, identify areas in your home that may be prone to mold growth, such as damp or humid areas, rooms with water leaks, or spaces with a musty smell. You can also look for visible mold. These are common indicators of potential mold problems. Use the test kit to collect samples from various surfaces, including walls, ventilation ducts, or other flat surfaces. Follow the kit’s instructions carefully to ensure accurate sample collection.


Once you’ve collected the samples, seal them in the provided containers or bags and send them to the designated laboratory for analysis. The lab will conduct tests to detect mold spores and determine the presence and types of mold in the samples. Depending on the specific test kit and lab services, you may receive the lab results within a few days.


Upon receiving the results, review them carefully to understand the presence and extent of mold growth in your home. The test results will typically indicate the types of mold detected and may provide additional information on the mold’s concentration or potential health risks associated with it.

A Quick Look At The Best At Home Mold Testing Kits

  • My Mold Detective – accurate and user-friendly mold testing kit for detecting mold and potential health risks in homes.

  • ImmunoLytics – cutting-edge mold testing solution offering detailed analysis and insights into mold species for effective remediation.

  • Healthful Home – a comprehensive range of mold testing products and expert guidance for identifying and preventing mold-related issues.

  • Mold Amor – complete mold testing and remediation solution with user-friendly tools and effective mold removal techniques.

  • Pro-Lab – trusted by professionals and homeowners alike, Pro-Lab offers diverse mold testing options and professional laboratory analysis.

  • Instant Home Mold – a convenient and quick mold testing solution with a user-friendly design for regular home inspections.

  • RealTime – advanced mold detection and monitoring technology providing real-time data and comprehensive insights for mold management.

My Mold Detective


My Mold Detective is a comprehensive air sampling pump mold test that allows you to quickly and accurately identify the presence of mold in your homes. With its user-friendly design, this DIY mold test kit provides peace of mind by helping you identify potential health risks associated with mold contamination. Once submitted, the samples are analyzed quickly, and results are displayed online. 


  • Accurate and reliable mold detection

  • Simple and convenient testing process

  • Fast results within minutes

  • Detects a wide range of mold types

  • Provides insights into potential health risks


$29.99 to rent, $69.99 to buy using this link

My Take

My Mold Detective is ideal for anyone concerned about mold-related issues in their home. With its easy-to-use testing kit that takes just a few minutes and provides reliable results, My Mold Detective empowers individuals to take control of their indoor air quality.



ImmunoLytics is a cutting-edge mold testing solution that utilizes advanced technology to identify and analyze mold in indoor environments. With its comprehensive analysis and detailed reports, this product helps users understand the extent of mold contamination and make informed decisions for remediation.


  • Advanced technology for accurate mold detection

  • Detailed analysis and comprehensive reports

  • Identifies specific mold species 

  • Provides actionable insights for effective remediation

  • Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike


Quickstart Kit for $198 or DIY for $33/room

My Take

ImmunoLytics is perfect for anyone seeking a comprehensive mold testing solution. Its advanced features and detailed reporting enable effective mold management and ensure a safe living or working environment.

Healthful Home


Healthful Home offers a range of mold testing products that are designed to detect and analyze mold in residential and commercial spaces accurately. With its innovative solutions and expert guidance, Healthful Home empowers users to identify, mitigate, and prevent mold-related issues for a healthier living environment.


  • Comprehensive mold testing solutions

  • Innovative technology for accurate results

  • Expert guidance and support

  • Effective mold prevention strategies

  • Ensures long-term indoor air quality


Healthful Home

$36.99 for one room, $87.99 for the whole home

My Take

Healthful Home is an ideal choice for individuals, families, and businesses seeking reliable mold testing and prevention solutions. With its range of products and expert guidance, Healthful Home empowers users to take proactive steps toward a mold-free environment.

Mold Armor


Mold Amor offers a comprehensive mold testing and remediation solution. They provide practical tools and resources to both identify and eliminate mold in homes and buildings. With its user-friendly approach and high-quality products, Mold Amor helps individuals restore a healthy indoor environment.


  • Complete mold testing and remediation solution

  • User-friendly tools for accurate detection

  • Effective mold removal and prevention techniques

  • Restores indoor air quality and safety

  • Trusted by homeowners and professionals


Mold Amor


My Take

Mold Amor is the ideal choice for individuals and professionals looking to address mold issues promptly and effectively. With its comprehensive approach and reliable products, Mold Amor ensures a clean and healthy living environment.



Pro-Lab offers a wide range of mold testing kits and services, providing accurate results and professional analysis for mold detection. With its industry-leading expertise and reliable products, Pro-Lab assists homeowners, property managers, and professionals in identifying and resolving mold-related issues.


  • Diverse range of mold testing options

  • Professional laboratory analysis

  • Quick and accurate results

  • Offers comprehensive mold detection services

  • Trusted by industry experts


My Take

Pro-Lab is the go-to choice for individuals and professionals seeking reliable and accurate mold testing solutions. With its extensive range of products and professional laboratory analysis, Pro-Lab ensures precise detection and effective mold management.


Instant Home Mold Test Kits provide convenient and easy-to-use solutions for detecting mold in residential settings. With its quick and reliable testing methods, homeowners can identify potential mold issues and take appropriate actions to maintain a healthy living environment.


  • User-friendly mold testing kits

  • Quick and reliable results

  • Detects various types of mold

  • Allows proactive mold prevention

  • Suitable for regular home inspections


My Take

Instant Home Mold Test Kits are perfect for homeowners who want a simple and reliable solution to detect mold. With its user-friendly design and quick results, these kits enable proactive mold management and contribute to a healthier home.



RealTime offers advanced mold detection and monitoring solutions that provide real-time data and insights into indoor air quality. With its cutting-edge technology and continuous monitoring capabilities, RealTime enables users to identify and respond to mold issues promptly for a safer and healthier living environment.


  • Advanced mold detection and monitoring technology

  • Real-time data and alerts for immediate action

  • Continuous monitoring for long-term mold management

  • Provides detailed insights into mold growth patterns

  • Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike


Real time

My Take

RealTime is the ultimate choice for individuals and businesses looking for real-time mold detection and monitoring solutions. With its advanced technology and comprehensive data analysis, RealTime empowers users to stay one step ahead of mold-related issues and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Are Home Mold Test Kits Accurate?

Yes, home mold test kits are highly accurate. Home mold kits utilize validated sampling methods, such as tape strips or petri dishes, to collect samples from surfaces where mold growth is suspected. These samples are then sent to certified laboratories that specialize in mold analysis. These are the same labs that professional mold inspectors go to for their mold analysis. The results from these labs can provide you with accurate information about the presence of mold, the concentration of mold spores, and even the specific mold species present in your home.


The accuracy of home mold test kits relies on proper sample collection techniques. Following the instructions carefully and collecting samples from representative areas of your home are crucial steps to obtaining accurate results. Additionally, choosing a reputable DIY mold test kit from a trusted manufacturer like our seven picks increases the likelihood of obtaining accurate and reliable results. 

Before You Go...

If you’re worried about finding mold in your home, consider conducting an at-home mold test. These seven highly-accurate self analysis mold tests provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for assessing the presence of mold in your living environment. 


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