A Savvy Feminist Move – Being in Charge of Your Own Health

A Savvy Feminist Move - Being in Charge of Your Own Health

Sshh…don’t let the men know

Okay, ladies, I know it’s a cliche, the hormonal, irrational, emotional episode of a woman in various stages of her cycle (whether the monthly menstruation cycle or life stages like puberty or menopause). But let’s be honest (and hope no men are reading this); it’s a cliche because it can be true. Maybe not every month or as extreme as the caricatures often portray, but we all know the feeling.

One day we’re ready to divorce our partners and leave our jobs, want to strangle most people we meet, and rescue all the kittens in the world…only to wake the next day with cramps, bloody underwear, and a clear head. Perhaps your version doesn’t look exactly like this, but I’m sure you can relate. A lot of times, these are typical development hormones at play.

Those pesky hormones!

But our hormones are not always our friends. Sometimes they wreak havoc on our bodies, and we need to know this to wrangle them back in. We don’t necessarily want to advertise (or acknowledge to anyone else) that there may be a hormonal imbalance.

Goddess forbid your partner should get wind that your hormones might be out of whack. Any argument or strong emotion could be dismissed as hormonal imbalance (unless you’re in a healthy, functioning relationship between two or more consistently emotionally intelligent and emotionally available adults–talk about unicorns). Thankfully, we now have access to private, at-home lab tests!

Of course, hormonal imbalance is not all that women may suffer from (though it seems to get a lot of air time), nor is it the only medical issue at-home lab tests can help you determine or monitor.

It can’t be the Oreos!

Weight gain! Sure, maybe you’re eating a bit more junk food in the pandemic, reaching for the ice cream to self-soothe in a time of global distress. Doritos and double-stuffed Oreos may account for some of that weight gain, but there could also be an underlying issue like a lazy thyroid. Wouldn’t you love to know if that’s the case?

We got this one, Will

Hair loss is something many women suffer from as they age (though we don’t all have a man willing to defend it, nor do we necessarily need one). At-home lab tests can help determine any root (pun intended) causes of those clogged drains and over-worked hair brushes.

She’s not fat, she’s Puffy

Inflammation can affect our bodies in a variety of frustrating and menacing ways. From our gut health to how our brains function in our day to day lives, inflammation can be a real bi…well, you know what I mean.

A test for (almost) all!

Heart disease, diabetes, adrenal glands (an under-recognized area of concern for many women), menstrual cycles, fertility issues, and overall health can all be monitored with at-home lab testing. 

Whether you’re someone who spends her time in a robe catching up on her stories and eating chocolate ice cream from the tub, or a successful, no-nonsense executive with no time for waiting rooms, or (most likely) anywhere in between, you can now take charge of your own health with at-home lab testing.

Take Charge and Learn More

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