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Are you tired of hitting the gym early mornings, alternating arm day and leg day, and trying to fill up on leafy greens, all without the results you were hoping for? Do you cry big fat hungry tears thinking of what else you will have to do to get in the shape you want? Well, here’s a possible cause of your fitness dilemma…metabolism!


Surely my weight gain isn’t from the brownies

Sure, maybe it’s the brownies you bake and eat every Sunday that are filling in the pooch on your belly. Or the three beers you drink at night (you know, light beer is not the same as water, this isn’t the middle ages). Food does play a major role in how our bodies look and feel. But metabolism and hormone levels are a significant factor in that as well, for men and women alike. Lucky for you, there are at-home metabolism tests you can purchase.


Four hours is not enough sleep

Our metabolisms also affect energy levels. Sure, if you’re staying out until 2 am partying like you’re in your early twenties (but not), that could be why you’re dragging your body around the next day. But for many people, as they age, fatigue can be a real distraction and a symptom of a hormonal imbalance they can counteract.


The 90s can keep their fashion

Metabolism tests measure the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide your body produces, levels of particular hormones and how well you use them, and other science-y and biological factors like that. Basically, your metabolism, affected by various factors, is how your body consumes energy. The more your body consumes, the less fat that is left to hang over your jeans. (Thank goodness high-waisted pants are back in style. That low rise trend was the bane of fashionable humanity and people with pooches.)

Sometimes deep breathing ain’t enough

The stress hormone cortisol, a famous culprit of belly fat, can be measured by an at-home metabolism test. What you do once you get the information is another story. Destressing in today’s society seems about near impossible. Between the rat race of trying to pay bills, the reports on the news, and keeping up an engaging Instagram account, it’s hard to relax (but that’s another post for another blog). Along with cortisol, these tests can measure thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh), free testosterone (not just for men, ladies), and some even measure progesterone and insulin.


It’s just a little bodily fluid

All that these tests require are a bit of blood and saliva. There’s no fecal matter to collect or a small cup to pee into. Just a simple finger prick, spit tube, and a ride in an envelope to whatever laboratory is reading the results. It’s important to note that while these tests can provide valuable information, they are meant to be read and addressed by a medical professional. And no, Google MD does not count.


Learn more about your weight and energy levels

If you’re desperate to understand why you feel tired most of the time or are hoping for an alternative suggestion for the cause of unwanted weight gain (besides the probable too-many-brownies dilemma), check out this article on the best at-home metabolism tests: Best At Home Metabolism Test Kits 


Home metabolism tests are really this simple!

If you’re still hesitating on whether you should try an at-home metabolism test, read this article to learn just how easy it is to take one of these home tests. How To Do An At Home Metabolism Test 


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