At-Home Drug Tests, Peace of Mind or Panic

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Summer is here, and the season of large sweaty gatherings and festivities is upon us (unless covid numbers continue to rise and we are faced with another shut down). Until then, the party is on!

Permanent Party and Poor Decisions

Music festivals are ripe for abnormal behavior and ultimate abandon. Great music, awkward dancing, over-priced vendors, kabobs and cheese fries, and unrestricted drinking. Even some of the most well-intentioned attendees, with clear boundaries of what they will, or won’t, put into their bodies, can become weak under the pressure of intoxication. One minute you’re dancing to some up-cycled honkey tonk band in the sun with a beer in your hand; the next waking up in the bushes outside your tent missing a shoe and sporting a hangover the size of Cleveland, you might want a bit of insight into what resides in your body. (But let’s be honest, you know more about what happened between those times than you’ll ever admit, though some of it is pretty fuzzy.)

To Pee or Not to Pee

At-home drug tests are an efficient and private tool for checking in with your body and what chemicals may have taken up temporary residence in your urine. Use these tests to soothe any concerns about what illicit substance you may or may not have ingested during the late-night performance of your favorite cover band. Or confirm your fears and promise never to drink so heavily in public again.

Panic or Peace

These at-home test kits are also great for the adult who knows quite well what they are allowing into their body and feels perfectly fine about it but has an employer or some other agency who disagrees, requiring random or frequent drug testing. At-home drug tests can help you be clear on what is showing up in your urine, either giving you peace of mind or a full-blown panic when drug testing time rolls around.

Just Say No, The Teen Edition

Adults certainly aren’t the only ones who like to party or make questionable decisions under the influence. Many teenagers seem to be candidates for this as well. You might be a teetotaller, letting nothing crazier than caffeine get past your lips. But, your teenager quite possibly does not share your opinion. Poorly supervised parties and long summer hours with not much to do could lend themselves to the same tempting substances. If you’re concerned about what your teen may be ingesting in their off-time, at-home drug tests are an excellent way to monitor the situation.

Easy Test Hub At-Home Drug Test Teen Edition

THC, Oxy, and PCP Oh My!

These at-home drug tests read the substances in the urine, checking for typical illicit substances like marijuana (although, aren’t we past the archaic mindset of viewing marijuana as a drug?), opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines, cocaine, barbiturates, methadone, tricyclic antidepressants, ecstasy, oxycodone, and phencyclidine (PCP). The only sample they require is urine, and the results can be read in the privacy of your own home. Be aware of your decisions and their effect on your body.

What At-Home Drug Tests Is Right For You?

Check out these at-home lab tests to find the best fit for your choice.  Best At-Home Drug Test Kits

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