At-Home Lab Tests Are the New Hotness

At-Home Lab Tests Are the New Hotness

What happens when you don’t know your body

Do you know what’s hot? Being healthy. Do you know what’s not so hot? Meeting someone in the waiting room of the public health department at the free STI testing clinic. Or running to the bathroom with explosive diarrhea because you have an intolerance to dairy or gluten that you haven’t had the time or insurance to test for. What about snotting your way through a filet mignon on a first date because you didn’t know that flower bouquet by the entrance is at war with your inflammatory response? Knowing your body well, how it responds to the environment, and taking care of yourself is a sexy trait, one worthy of any Tinder profile. 

Avoid the cheesecake if you must!

At-home testing is a convenient, discreet way to learn more about how your body functions and what it needs to thrive. Hey, if you want to risk terrifying your date with alarmingly loud and monstrous sounds from the bathroom, all for a skinny piece of overly sweetened cheesecake, that’s your choice. For most of us, we’d like to know if our body is about to revolt against our food choice and make us pay with emergency-status bowel movements. Thankfully, there are at-home lab tests to help us learn more about our bodies and avoid these awkward moments. 

Colons are important too

The best part is that these tests are “at home.” There’s no inconvenient trip to the doctor. Having to collect a fecal sample is bad enough for most of us. But the embarrassing walk of shame through the waiting room–the plastic hat that fits inside your toilet, flimsy stick, and collection tube all in a not-so-discreet plastic bag that screams to everyone you pass what you’re about to go home and do–keeps many people from even considering a colon test. As much as people dread colonoscopies and the like, healthy colons are important (and sexy too)! (Concerned about your colon health? Have a history of colon cancer in your family? Find your at-home colon cancer test here: Best at home colon cancer test kits)

Tests are good for you!

What about the people who are too shy or embarrassed to admit to a medical professional that they participate in one of the most basic acts of the animal kingdom…sex? How many people avoid testing for STIs simply because of the stigma attached to not only having sex but to having sex with someone who may have passed them something. We don’t shy away from testing for COVID when someone sneezes near us. Testing for STIs should be the same. Both are now at-home tests! (Find an at-home STI test here: Best at home STD test kits)

Give your Tinder profile an upgrade

There are many aspects to getting and maintaining a healthy body. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise, check in with your mental health, avoid toxins and pollutants as best you can, and have some laughs every day. There are far too many things in our environment that serve as obstacles to a healthy body—poor air quality, toxins, food allergies, global viruses, STIs, etc. Thankfully, there are many at-home lab tests you can order and perform at home to better understand what is working against you. (Check them out here: 33 At home lab tests you can do). So order those STI tests, collect your poo and send it off, test the air quality, and what foods or pollens wreak havoc on your body. Your body and your date will thank you. 

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