Best At Home Allergy Test Kits

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Itchy skin or eyes, sneezing, wheezing, shortness of breath, running or stuffy nose, pains, and many other discomforting or life-threatening symptoms constitute the body’s response to allergens.


Do any of these symptoms trigger a memory? I bet you’ve had a couple in the past, and you may or may not have figured out what substances triggered them.


Having a strong allergic reaction can be one of the most dreaded experiences, especially when you have to be in public places like restaurants and parties. Imagine looking like Botox-gone-wrong with swollen red lips, throwing up, or itching all over like you’ve been possessed and have no idea what you’re allergic to.


The good news is that you can now carry out an at home lab test for allergies right from the comfort of your home. In this article, you’ll discover five (5) of the best at home allergy test kits available today that can help you identify your allergies, their prices, individual pros and cons, and other helpful information that will guide you to make the right decisions on which kit to purchase.

Can I Test For Allergies At Home?

Yes, you can carry out an allergy test at home, away from the creepy halls and doctors of the hospital. Instead of going on long drives to the hospital to perform these tests, the kits are easily purchased online and shipped to you.


They all come with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you in carrying out these tests yourself with tools provided in the box. These tools help with sample collection and provide a means to have the collected samples sealed and shipped to the nearest certified laboratory for in-depth analysis.

How Can I Do An At Home Allergy Test?

To perform an allergy test at home, you first need to purchase an at home allergy test kit. These are specially designed lab testing kits that can be purchased at your convenience online, and they usually test for increased IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies in blood samples.


The kit contains an easy step-by-step guide on how to perform the allergy test at home. It also comes with a Lancet for finger pricking, a collection card, gauze, alcohol pad, bandage, biohazard bag, and a prepaid return shipping label to enable you to mail your samples to the certified lab.


Your results are guaranteed to be returned in a few business days. In addition, some test kit manufacturers partner with credible physicians to provide you with actionable reviews in case you need further assistance.

Quick Look

As promised, here’s a quick look at 5 of the best at home allergy test kits available on the market today.

  • Test My AllergyProvides a fast, accurate, and easy at home allergy testing method for a fee of $109. Your blood sample is screened against 35 of the most common allergens.
  • Allergy Testis fast and cost-effective, and you only need a few blood samples which are tested against 35 allergens (including Inhalants and food). The kit costs at least $97.
  • ImawareIt measures 28 of the most common food allergens and 40 of the most common respiratory allergens. It costs an incredible $299 on their official website.
  • EverlyWellThis product effectively measures the body system antibody reaction to about 40 familiar indoor and outdoor allergens, and the entire kit costs $199.
  • Health LabsIs for testing allergies triggered by airborne allergens like pollen or contaminated dust. It tests your blood against 19 common year-round allergens. It costs $299.


Test My Allergy is an at home allergy test kit that was voted ‘Best Overall Blood Allergy Test by Verywell Health’ and has been making at home lab tests a walk in the park for millions of people.


The kit comes packaged with several tools and an easy-to-understand instructional guide that enables you to perform the test efficiently. The test consists of a painless finger prick to collect blood, and the blood sample is safely sealed and shipped back to the laboratory address provided.


At the laboratory, your sample will be analyzed using state-of-the-art technology against 35 of the most common allergens. The laboratory is a certified laboratory according to ISO 9001, and every testing process is of the highest standards using all the latest ELISA equipment to guarantee accurate results.


Medical experts oversee the results to ensure their accuracy, and the results are forwarded to you in 5–7 days as a comprehensive report of the test. From the results, you’ll get to know if you have an allergy to any of the 35 allergens your blood was tested against.


  • By testing against a series of allergens, you get to know your allergies in just 5–7 days.
  • You get your result at your convenience via email or on your free global science app on Google or Apple.
  • Certified laboratories are used to analyze your sample to ensure that your results are accurate.
  • Medical experts are available for review or to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Your results are confidential and private, for your eyes only.
  • It is an allergy test kit that makes testing easy and convenient as you can easily collect your samples from the comfort of your home.
  • It provides free shipping both ways, from purchasing the product to sending samples to the laboratory for analysis.
  • This product was voted ‘Best Overall Blood Allergy Test’ by Verywell Health.


Test my Allergy at home allergy test kit costs $109.00, and you get to enjoy a discount of up to 60% off the selling price if you place your order before April 2022.

My Take

If you are exhibiting symptoms such as rashes, watery or itchy eyes, vomiting, or migraine, this at home allergy test kit is just what you need to immediately confirm the issue as these are common symptoms of the body’s allergic reaction. Allergies can go from mild to potentially life-threatening, so do not waste precious time.


Do you sometimes suffer from quick symptoms that show up when exposed to certain situations? Then there’s a likelihood that you have an allergy. The Allergy Test at home allergy test kit can be purchased directly through a secure payment process on the manufacturer’s official website, and it comes with free shipping of the package within three days of your initial purchase.


The test kit comes with an easy-to-understand instructional guide to help you complete your test hitch-free. The kit also contains; 1 Alcohol wipe, 1 band-aid, one absorbent pad, 1 Five-Spot Blood Card, 2 lancets CE 0344 (pin-prick system), 1 return envelope, and 1 activation card with an adhesive label. 


A few blood spots are required using the pin-prick lancet following the instructions provided. Next, the collected samples are mailed back to the address provided on the envelope. After that, the experts at the laboratory will carry out a thorough analysis of the sample, and you will be notified when your results become available. This usually takes less than 7 days via email or their provided app (that you might need to sign up for).


  •  Allergy Test is easy to use as it comes with an easy-to-understand instructional guide, so you can use it without any hassle from the comfort of your home. 
  • You can easily determine what substances you may be allergic to. This will help improve your overall quality of life.
  •  It provides you with actionable results, what to stay away from, and a better understanding of your health.
  •  Medical professionals in certified laboratories analyze your samples to provide accurate results.
  • Your results are sent to you at your convenience via your email.
  • Your samples are tested against 35 typical food, drinks, and environmental allergens.


The Allergy Test kit is available for purchase on the official website for $97 instead of the usual $159. So you get to save $62, which is 39%, when you place your order now.

My Take

With over 450 thousand customer reviews, a track record of providing accurate results, and a relatively affordable price, the Allergy Test kit is a very helpful at home lab test kit for everyone. So if you notice any symptoms of skin rashes, migraines, itchy or watery eyes, or vomiting and want to be sure of your allergies, Allergy Test is just what you need.


Imaware at home allergy test kit is a food and respiratory allergy test kit specially designed to detect and measure the blood concentration of  IgE antibodies in response to food and respiratory allergens.


This at home food allergy test kit can be purchased using your FSA or HSA card, and the product guarantees free shipping to your location.


The test requires blood samples to be collected from your fingertip. However, it is a painless and clinically validated process. So if you are afraid of needles, you need not worry, as the lancet provided in the test kit will stay hidden until the process is complete.


After the samples are collected, they are sealed and shipped directly to the provided address, where experts in certified laboratories will conduct an in-depth analysis of the samples. The final results will be sent directly to your smartphone in less than a week.


  • Imaware at home allergy test kit provides an easy-to-follow instructional manual that’ll guide you throughout the process of sample collection to packaging and shipping your sample to their laboratory.
  • Even though sample collection involves slight bleeding, the entire process is relatively pain-free and convenient.
  • You can review your results online less than a week after your sample arrives at the laboratory for testing.
  • Your results are analyzed by experts in the medical field with state-of-the-art equipment in certified laboratories.
  • Your results are accurate and reliable.


Imaware at home allergy test kit is available for purchase for $299 on the official website.

My Take

This at home food allergy test kit is not for people under 18 who repeatedly experience itchy or watery eyes, sneezing uncontrollably, persistent itching, coughs, vomiting, persistent diarrhea, or difficulty breathing with anaphylaxis and congestion. Imaware at home lab test kit is convenient and easy to use. However, this at-home allergy test kit is not available in New York due to state regulations.


EverlyWell indoor and outdoor allergy test kit measures your immunoglobulin E (IgE) reactivity to specific indoor and outdoor allergens. The immune response associated with these allergens is known to cause cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, cough, or headaches.


EverlyWell at home allergy test kit comes with prepaid shipping that covers the product shipping to your address and back to the laboratory for testing. In addition, there are detailed instructions to guide you with your sample collection, packaging, and shipping. You collect your sample via the fingerprick method in the comfort of your home, and the results are expected to be sent within 7 days.


  •  The instructional guide is easy to understand.
  • The samples are analyzed by CLIA-certified laboratories, which use state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate results.
  • EverlyWell test results are reviewed and approved by an independent board-certified physician within your state to ensure that the results are accurate.
  • The results are available to you digitally on their secure platform.
  • Healthcare professionals will organize a live webinar for you to provide more information about your results.
  • It helps test your body’s IgE antibody reactivity to indoor and outdoor allergens.


EverlyWell at home allergy test kit is available for purchase for $199. In addition, you can get up to 15% off with code IOAI5.

My Take

EverlyWell at home allergy test kits are usually recommended for people who notice that they develop uncomfortable symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, watery or itchy eyes, coughing, skin rashes, fatigue, or headaches. The test kit will help you quickly identify what substances you are allergic to. However, always try to visit your doctor whenever you experience severe allergic symptoms that negatively impact the quality of your life.


Health Labs at home allergy test kit focuses on allergies triggered by airborne allergens. This product offers you a convenient and relatively painless sample collection method via blood testing without the irritation of traditional skin prick testing methods.


After collection, the samples are sealed in the biohazard bag contained in the kit, then sent to the address of a certified laboratory provided on the envelope. Your results will be ready 1–3 days after your sample arrives at the laboratory for analysis.


  • Health Labs primarily focuses on testing your body’s immune reaction to airborne allergens.
  • Your blood analysis is carried out in CLIA-Certified laboratories, with over 4,500 of these labs present in the U.S.
  • The results are sent directly to you one to three days after the sample arrives at the lab.
  • Sample collection is relatively pain-free.
  • The results from the sample analysis are usually secure and confidential.


Health Labs at home allergy test kit is available for sale for $299 on their official website.

My Take

The body reacts to allergens as intruders in the body and creates antibodies such as immunoglobulin E (IgE) to fight against these foreign invaders. Health Labs at home lab testing kit will help you determine if you are allergic to the 19 common year-round allergens in their record.


It is fast and easy, and it can be used conveniently at any location of your choice.

Are At Home Allergy Test Kits Accurate?

Yes, at home allergy test kits are accurate and can identify potential allergic responses, but a doctor’s examination should follow up on the results for accurate interpretations of the results. In addition, you may find your results unclear and need health and lifestyle recommendations to improve the quality of your life. Again, this is where your doctor plays a significant role.


At home allergy test kits are affordable time-saving methods for detecting allergies and have shown their usefulness in narrowing down and pinpointing your potential allergies.


They also bring your attention to your health, helping you figure out your triggers, manage these allergies, and improve your overall health and well-being with the right recommendations.

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