Best At-Home Colon Cancer Test Kits

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Do you know what the colon is?

Well, it’s that large bowel or intestine in your lower digestive system. The colon helps with crucial functions, so it will undoubtedly affect the rest of your health and wellness if something should happen to it. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that can affect the colon, including colon cancer.

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in American men and women. It is also called colorectal cancer because it usually starts in the colon or rectum of an individual. A recent report by the American Cancer Society revealed that the U.S. is estimated to have 106,180 new cases of colon cancer and 44,850 new cases of rectal cancer in 2022.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of at-home colon cancer tests.

Can I do an At-Home Colon Cancer Test?

The simple answer to that is YES! It may sound surprising to you, but you can check for colon cancer at home. Since colonoscopies can be painful and expensive for some, at-home colorectal cancer tests present a safe and effective alternative.

Many pharmaceutical companies have developed kits for people to test themselves for colon cancer at home. Some of the best at-home colon cancer test kits include;

  • EverlyWell-provides at-home lab testing to a variety of populations with over thirty varieties of at-home lab tests
  • Let’s Get Checked– offers several kits, totaling thirty-four health tests you can take at home
  • Second Generation FIT– this product from Pinnacle Biolabs has been a bestseller for six years
  • EZ Detect– one of the most cost-effective and convenient at-home colon cancer test kits
  • Pixel by Labcorp– over fifty years of experience providing trusted at-home testing kits and other medical products

For the convenience of our valuable readers, we have gathered all the relevant details about the testing kits offered by each of the aforementioned companies, including their mission, pricing, benefits, and more.

The most common tests used for colorectal cancer screening are fecal immunochemical tests (FIT) and fecal occult blood tests (gFOBT). FIT tests are more sensitive, as they detect the presence of hidden blood in a patient’s stool, which is the earliest indicator for colon cancer. Each test on this list is a FIT test, making them all dependable methods of at-home colorectal care.

The National Cancer Institute encourages the prevention, if not early detection, of colon cancer by regularly performing colon cancer screenings. The American Cancer Society also recommends a stool DNA test every three years as a form of colorectal cancer screening test. Between these two organizations, it can be agreed that these tests are essential to maintaining one’s health.

1. EverlyWell

Everlywell at-home lab testing


EverlyWell offers a fecal immunochemical test kit for at-home colon cancer screening among its wide range of at-home health test kits. The test uses your stool sample for detecting cancer in the colon.


  • There are numerous EverlyWell labs for you to choose from
  • The labs associated with EverlyWell are all CLIA certified. They conduct regular inspections, ensuring the highest standards to acquire certifications at both state and federal levels.
  • EverlyWell offers industry-leading customer service, including a live chat with a certified physician to interpret and discuss your test results
  • Patients that test positive for colon cancer may get free assistance from certified physicians for the next steps in their treatment plan
  • EverlyWell offers free shipping for both the kits and samples
  • You can download your results easily and share them with your doctor
  • Become a member to access a wide variety of tests apart from the fecal immunochemical test


The individual cost of the EverlyWell fecal immunochemical test at-home testing kit is $49. However, if you join their membership program, you can pay as little as $24.99 per month to access a new, qualifying test on a monthly basis. EverlyWell offers one of the most flexible payment options; they even accept payments from a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). And don’t forget, shipping is free.

My Take

This at-home colon cancer test kit is ideal for people ages forty-five and up, especially if they are experiencing symptoms or require regular colon cancer screening tests.

Try Everlywell

2. Lets Get Checked

Lets Get Checked At home Colon Cancer Screening Test


Lets Get Checked offers several kits, allowing you to test for thirty-four health conditions from the comfort of your own home. Most of the kits range from $50-$100. Lets Get Checked is a widely popular and trusted brand for at-home testing kits and definitely worth a try.


  • Collected samples will be placed in a provided tube for safekeeping
  • Results are made available in two-five days
  • If you test positive, Lets Get Checked may provide a referral to a gastroenterologist
  • Nurses are available for additional medical guidance should you test positive
  • The results are available online, so you can download them or share them with your own health care providers
  • Packaging for the kits is unbranded for your discretion


The typical cost of a FIT kit by Lets Get Checked is $69, but you can get a three-month subscription for less than $50 per month! The company offers free shipping, so you don’t have to pay for receiving the kit or sending the sample to the lab. Moreover, they too accept payments from HSA and FSA cards.

My Take

This at-home test kit works best for people ages forty-five and above, particularly those who require frequent screenings and those who refrain from getting colonoscopies due to pain. Skip the doctor and get checked at home with this FIT colorectal cancer screening kit.

Try Lets Get Checked

3. Second Generation FIT

Second Generation FIT Colorectal Cancer test kit


The Second Generation FIT kit is a product by Pinnacle Biolabs. According to the company website, their FIT at-home colon cancer test kit has been a bestseller for the past six years in the United States.


  • Kit provides all the necessary equipment for obtaining your sample, including a wand for easier colletion
  • Results available in as little as one-three minutes
  • The kit is certified by the FDA without needing to visit a doctor or laboratory
  • Readily available over the counter, as well as an economical option among its competitors
  • Available for purchase on Amazon
  • Kit comes with two complete tests
  • This test has a 4.5-star rating from over 800 reviews on Amazon


The individual kit costs around $30.99. You can purchase it either through Second Generation’s official website (with free shipping) or from a number of major retailers. Additionally, this test kit is tax-free!

My Take

Second Generation’s at-home FIT kit is ideal for patients across the board. Whether you only need one follow-up or regular screenings, Second Generation makes its screening kits affordable. Protect yourself from colorectal cancer with Second Generation today.

Try Second Generation

4. EZ Detect

EZ at-home Colon Disease Test Kit


One of the most cost-effective and convenient at-home colon cancer test kits is the EZ Detect.


  • EZ Detect is a simple, fast, and sanitary at-home testing kit that does not require the handling of stool to complete the screening
  • You just have to drop a test tissue into the toilet bowl. The toilet water will appear blue-green in the presence of blood
  • Results are available in as little as two minutes
  • You don’t have to follow any restrictions concerning diet before or during the testing time.
  • Kit contains an instruction booklet, five testing pads, and a performance control package.
  • You will also be provided with a result card that you can send to your physician and check for future reference.
  • The product is FDA-approved and clinically proven for safe use.


The EZ Detect at-home colon cancer test comes in at only $12. It is super affordable and user-friendly. Purchase one today from Amazon, other major retailers, or EZ, Detect directly.

My Take

The EZ Detect offers one of the most effective and affordable at-home colon cancer test kits and is intuitive enough to be used by anyone interested in a screening. The test’s low price point makes it an excellent choice for those who require weekly or monthly colon cancer screenings.

Try EZ Detect

5. Pixel by Labcorp Colon Cancer At-Home Test

Labcorp At-Home Colon Cancer Test Kits


Labcorp has served the community with its trusted at-home testing kits and other medical products for over fifty years. Labcorp comprises a network of CAP-accredited and CLIA certified laboratories analyzing and verifying over three million patient samples per week. Among their most trusted products is their FIT kit.


  • All customers are eligible to register for a free, personal account with Pixel
  • FedEx is our trusted delivery partner, so your sample will get to us efficiently
  • Your kit comes with all the necessary tools to obtain your sample, including detailed instructions, a wand, and capture paper
  • Patients may have access to physicians from PWNHealth after completing their purchase of Labcorp’s FIT kit.
  • Labcorp will contact you directly should you test positive for colorectal cancer
  • The Pixel at-home colon cancer test is less restrictive relative to age than its competitors. Anyone over the age of eighteen can conduct their own screening for colorectal cancer
  • After receiving your results, you may have access to a group of independent physicians to offer guidance or next steps
  • Labcorp maintains a well-established lab network to better detect cancer and, as such, reduce the likelihood of scams, false-positive test results, and false-negative results.


The cost of Pixel by Labcorp is $89. Labcorp accepts payments from HSA or FSA cards, alike.

My Take

If you are eighteen or older, the Pixel FIT kit is perfect for you to test for colon cancer at home. This at-home colon cancer test is particularly valuable for young adults prioritizing privacy and seeking expert guidance from PWNHealth professionals.

Try Pixel by Labcorp

Are At-Home Colon Cancer Test Kits Accurate?

At-home colon cancer tests are quite accurate, as most credible companies in the industry provide accuracy reports based on tests they’ve conducted. Research indicates that, on average, at-home testing kits are 79 percent accurate, so there is still a possibility that some of these tests may provide false positive or negative results.

The companies we’ve included on this list meet rigorous requirements in order to provide the best at-home colon cancer tests. Blood in a person’s stool is one of the earliest indicators for colorectal cancer, making FIT kits an invaluable tool to protect yourself and your family, especially if you have a family history of the disease or are subject to its risk factors. Many of these companies use certified laboratories to examine the samples to ensure accuracy. Additionally, samples must be collected appropriately to avoid contamination, so be sure to follow instructions carefully. All things considered, you should be reasonably confident that your test results have been verified by a CLIA-certified laboratory and yield accurate results.


This article highlights the five most reliable companies offering at-home testing kits for colon cancer. Colorectal cancer affects large quantities of people, making screenings one of the most highly recommended precautions by the Preventive Services Task Force. Healthcare professionals widely agree that at-home colon cancer screening kits are an affordable, accurate, privacy-conscious method of maintaining your health.

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