Best At-home Fertility Test Kits for Females

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So kids are a big part of the massive part of our lives and many of us aspire to have one or more of these little angelic monsters running around our homes one day.


But, as a woman, that goal can sometimes be quite challenging. In fact, according to the CDC, in the United States, among heterosexual women aged 15 to 49 years, about 1 in 5 experience some level of infertility.


So how then do you ensure that you keep track of and maintain your fertility?


Is it with expensive and time-consuming visits to your doctor or fertility specialist?


Or maybe with those costly lab tests? To be honest, these and other factors account for why many women do not bother to pay keen attention to their fertility.


Thankfully, there is a more affordable and convenient way to do so; at-home fertility tests are a thing and in this article, we explore what they are, their effectiveness, how to use them, and more.

Can I do an At-home Female Fertility Test?

The answer is yes, you can do an at-home fertility test to monitor for certain hormones and other components that affect female fertility. There are numerous brands that manufacture kits for home fertility testing.


These at-home fertility and hormone testing kits each assess for multiple hormones as these are the key players in female fertility.


If your hormones are out of balance, they can throw off your menstrual cycle and affect your ovulation as well.


Therefore, it is essential that women, particularly those who aspire to get pregnant, be abreast of their hormone levels to be able to keep them balanced in order to promote the normal and healthy ovarian function required for pregnancy.


Let‘s look at some of these hormones:

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

TSH is the hormone responsible for controlling the production of the thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, by the thyroid gland. The hormone TSH is considered the most sensitive marker for screening for thyroid diseases and conditions.

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

FSH is the hormone responsible for the growth and maturation of follicles, which are the source of estrogen and progesterone which every woman needs to have a normal menstrual cycle. A normal FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) level indicates that a woman has a suspected normal number of eggs for her age.


Surprising as it may be, women also produce testosterone. In females, the ovaries produce most of the testosterone. Levels are most often checked to evaluate signs of higher testosterone levels.


Estradiol is the main estrogen in women and is produced by the ovaries. It is one of the main sex hormones responsible for ovulation, which is vital to reproductive health and pregnancy in women. After menopause, levels of estradiol decline significantly.

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

Luteinizing hormone (LH)– is the hormone that is responsible for ovulation. A normal hormone level for LH in the second half of the menstrual cycle is reassuring that there are no major hormonal imbalances interfering with normal ovary function.

How can I Check Female Fertility at Home?

Modern fertility testing allows you to quickly buy a test kit online and be on your way to having your home fertility test results within a few days. Each brand provides its users with specific directions for use; however, the process is typically within the realm of the following steps:


Additionally, home fertility tests typically vary depending on the sample to be used. It can be a urine sample, blood via a finger prick, and saliva.


Step 1-Find a reputable brand to purchase your test kit. The package should include both your kit and a set of detailed instructions.

Step 2-Read the instructions thoroughly until you fully understand what is expected of you.

Step 3-Now, collect and package your sample to send off. Be careful, any mistakes can spoil your results or cause an error that yields inaccurate test results.

Step 4-Wait a few days (5-7) then collect your results online. Depending on the results of your test, you may choose to seek additional medical advice. 

Quick Look

  • EverlyWellThis at-home fertility test measures your ovarian reserve, which helps you to understand how many eggs you have left and the quality of your eggs.
  • Modern FertilityRegarded as the best in the at-home fertility testing space, is a comprehensive hormone test that tests up to seven female hormones in the body.
  • LetsGetCheckedOffers three products that can be used to check female fertility. These include; the Progesterone test kit, Female reserve test kit, and Ovarian reserve test kit.
  • MiraThe Mira fertility product is almost like having a mini-lab at home to check and keep track of your fertility throughout a cycle.
  • MyLab BoxAt-home Female fertility test kit allows women to have hands-on their reproductive health status. It lets you get results of four important female hormones, which are; Estradiol, Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH), Luteinizing Hormone(LH), and testosterone.
  • VerisanaThe test is good if you’re looking to start a family and check your hormone levels. It gives an analysis of five key female fertility hormones which are. It measures the level of these hormones to indicate if you have any hormonal disorders that might reduce your fertility.
  • ThorneThis at-home fertility test provides meaningful insights into the woman’s reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones. You should take this test if you have been experiencing any signs of infertility.


The EverlyWell fertility test provides detailed information on the five hormones (Estradiol, Luteinizing hormone, Follicle-stimulating hormone, Thyroid-stimulating hormone, and total testosterone) that affect your menstrual cycle and normal ovarian function needed for pregnancy. Women can use this test to determine whether they should freeze their eggs or not. The information obtained from measuring these hormones shows whether you have great fertility or not.


This test requires a blood sample which is collected by the finger-prick collection method. The first thing to do when you get your kit is to register it on the website with the unique ID number included in your box, then collect your sample at home and mail it to a certified lab with prepaid shipping, then you wait to receive the physician-reviewed digital result within 5-7 days after delivery.


  • EverlyWell offers you both digital and printable results of the test.
  • You get to have a group webinar with a healthcare professional.
  • Your blood samples are analyzed in CLIA certified labs. Therefore, the results of your test are usually very accurate.
  • Your test results are sent to an individual board-certified physician who reviews and approves the results before they are sent to you.
  • Your data is 100% secure with the use of bank-grade encryption. Your data is also not sold under any circumstances.
  • The test results sent to you are very easy to understand.
  • The test kit is great for people looking for budget-friendly fertility tests.
  • EverlyWell offers you free shipping to get the product and to return your sample to the lab.


The EverlyWell female fertility test product goes for a one-time purchase cost of $149. For a reduction in the price, you can go for either their monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual subscription, which gives you 25%, 20%, and 15% off. Plus, FSA/HSA are accepted.

My Take

This product is great for you if you experience symptoms such as; night sweats, irregular periods, skin issues, hair loss, weight gain, cold intolerance, and heat intolerance. You should also use this product if you are looking to start a family and want to keep track of your fertility health, and you can save money with their free shipping offer.


The Modern Fertility hormone test measures up to seven hormones (Anti-Mullerian hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, estradiol, free thyroxine, prolactin, and luteinizing hormones). This helps you learn about; your eggs (that is, ovarian reserve), your thyroid levels (this deals with mood swings), any red flag about your fertility health(PCOS detection), and also, what your timeline looks like if you will hit menopause earlier or later.


This test can still be used by women who are on birth control to determine their state of fertility. Although, not all hormones will be checked in the case of using birth control.


To take this test, you can collect your blood sample by the finger-prick collection method at home, or you have your blood drawn at a quest diagnostic lab. The result of the test is sent to your profile 7–10 days after your sample is sent. Women on birth control can still keep track of their fertility by using this at-home test.


  • Modern fertility offers clinically accurate, physician-reviewed reports of your fertility.
  • You get a free one-on-one call with a fertility nurse.
  • You get invited to the modern community which makes it easy to connect and get your questions answered by fertility experts.
  • The product is very affordable.
  • Tests are processed in CLIA and CAP-certified labs.
  • The product is personally customized to you based on your birth control and the regularity of your period.
  • You get a planning tool that helps you prepare for having kids one day.
  • You get your test kit in discreet packaging.


Get one of the best fertility hormone test kit for $159. Plus, you get free shipping with every purchase and FSA/ HSA are accepted.

My Take

This fertility test can be used by anyone who is looking to understand the full details of their fertility as they grow older.


The LetsGetChecked company offers three products that can be used to check female fertility. These three test kits include; the Progesterone test, the Female reserve test, and the Ovarian reserve test kits.


The progesterone test measures the progesterone hormone to confirm if ovulation has occurred on day 21 of a menstrual cycle. The female reserve test evaluates the four hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone, Luteinizing hormone, Prolactin, and Oestradiol), which gives you an idea of whether you are ovulating as expected or you are experiencing a hormonal disorder.


The ovarian reserve test measures the anti-Mullerian hormone to indicate the number of eggs a woman has left. LetsGetChecked offers a calculator that helps you determine when you should take your test.


  • LetsGetChecked offers free shipping of products to your location and to send your samples back to the lab.
  • You get your result online fast, within five days of sending your sample.
  • This product is very budget-friendly.
  • You get a free nurse consultation if the results are out of range.
  • The company keeps your information private and confidential. You do not have to worry about your data being sold.
  • The laboratories are CLIA approved and CAP-accredited. People taking the test should be well assured of getting accurate results.


The images above show the prices of each of the LetsGetChecked fertility test kits, ranging from $89 to $139

My Take

This product is suitable for anyone who is looking to know their overall fertility health. You can also get free shipping to save a couple of bucks.


The Mira fertility product is almost like having a mini at-home lab for fertility testing. This product is the best for tracking your cycle. The Mira plus starter kit comes with a Mira analyzer and 10 Mira fertility plus wands which can help to identify your ovulation sooner, get accurate numeric hormone data, and discover your hormone patterns. One Mira kit will let you have up to ten ovulation tests in one cycle. With this product, you can say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to your hormone levels. The Mira analyzer is the only analyzer in the market that gives you real, easy to understand numeric results that reflect your true hormone concentration.


A urine sample is used for this test. You collect your urine in a small bowl and dip one of the test wands into the urine for ten seconds. Then you insert the wand into the Mira analyzer and watch how the app’s advanced algorithm provides highly accurate information about your fertility window.


With this product, you have a pain-free fertility test, you take your sample at home and get your test results immediately with the analyzer.


  • One Mira plus test kit can be used throughout a cycle.
  • It helps predict your 6-day fertile window and ovulation day.
  • It offers a free app to see your hormone charts and insights.
  • With this product, you can keep track of your menstrual cycle.
  • They offer you 24/7 customer support.
  • It gives you an accurate analysis of your monthly cycle.
  • You get to receive 100% payback if you used Mira for three months and no LH surge was detected.
  • The company lets you pay in four installments with a free interest rate.
  • You get easy-to-read details of your hormone levels.
  • This product comes with a lot of perks for fertility testing, and every woman should always have it.


Mira plus starter kit cost $199. You can also pay for the product in four installments. FSA/HSA/HRA form of payment is accepted.

My Take

This product is beneficial for every woman out there to keep track of everything that has to do with their fertility and health.


MyLab Box fertility test kit allows women to have hands-on their reproductive health status. It lets you get results for the four hormones (Estradiol, Follicle Stimulating Hormone(FSH), Luteinizing Hormone(LH), and testosterone), which lets you know your state of fertility.


Blood and saliva are the samples required for taking the test. The blood is collected by the finger-prick collection method. This product is highly recommended for women who are trying to get pregnant. A woman who must use this product must contact her doctor before she does.


  • You can get your test results fast, within 1–5 days of taking the test.
  • The test kit is very affordable.
  • The company offers free shipping of your product before and after taking the test.
  • You can get free physician consultation by using this product.
  • The test results are compiled in CLIA and CAP-certified labs.
  • Taking the test is 100% pain-free.


MyLab Box fertility test kit is available on the brand’s website for $149.

My Take

This kit is great for any woman who gets the symptoms of infertility and those who are looking to start a family and get pregnant. You get a great picture of your fertility health from the results.


The verisana women’s fertility test is good for you if you are looking to start a family. It helps you to check your hormone levels by giving an analysis of the five key female fertility hormones, Estradiol, Luteinizing hormone(LH), Follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH), Thyroid-stimulating hormone(TSH), and Prolactin.


The measures of these hormones indicate if you have any hormonal disorders that might reduce your fertility. This test should be taken on the third day of your menstrual cycle. The test kit includes everything that you need to take the test; that is, sample instruction, sample collection components, and a bag for the free return shipment.


After taking the test and sending the sample, you get your test results within a few days of sending the sample.


  • The company offers immediate delivery of the product after order.
  • Your blood samples are analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab.
  • They offer to help you find a doctor or fertility specialist with whom you discuss your test results with. The specialist will also give you advice about your fertility from time to time.
  • They take customers’ privacy seriously and do not share your details with any unauthorized third party.
  • You get free shipping of the product to your location and also to return the test sample.


Verisana women’s fertility test is available for $149. As a bonus, you get free shipping with every purchase.

My Take

This product is great for you if; you are experiencing irregular periods, you want to know whether your hormone levels are in the usual range for your age, you want to start a family soon, or have unsuccessfully tried to start a family and are looking into what might be the problem.


Thorne’s at-home fertility test provides meaningful insights into these hormones; women’s reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones, which work synergistically in the body to promote or impede fertility.


This test requires a blood or saliva sample. After your test kit is delivered to your door, use the activation code located on the backside of your test kit to activate your test on and complete your test profile.


After that, follow the instructions of the direction booklet sent along with your test kit to collect your samples. Then you mail the sample using the prepaid shipper and then wait for the result, which will be sent in 8–10 days after the sample is sent.


  • Your results will be reviewed by an independent, board-certified physician.
  • Your result is sent with meaningful insights and personalized recommendations to promote your health and wellness.
  • You get to see your personalized biomarkers on an easy-to-read dashboard with a description of what each biomarker value means for you.
  • You can get 20% off the product if you subscribe.


Thorne fertility test kit cost $311. One can get 20% off the product if you are subscribed.

My Take

You should take this test if; you plan to get pregnant someday, you are trying to conceive, you have irregular or no periods, you experience persistent stress, you want to understand your hormones, and if you have family thyroid issues.

Are At-home Fertility Tests Accurate?

Yes, at-home fertility tests are quite accurate, although each test kit’s accuracy will vary by manufacturer. The accuracy of your test results can also depend on how correctly you collected the sample. Additionally, these brands adhere to high standards set by regulatory bodies to ensure quality and accuracy from the manufacturing to the results processing stages. These standards help to make sure that the tests are as accurate as possible.


The levels of the hormones that affect your fertility are essential, and keeping up-to-date with them is even more important. With at-home fertility test kits, you can affordably and conveniently do just that, so you will know when to seek medical advice and when you are at the peak of ovulation to try for that little one.


These kits are typically easy-to-acquire and use and they can provide accurate results.

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