Best At-home Fertility Test Kits for Males

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Male infertility is a real medical problem; however, it is often overlooked and under highlighted compared to women’s infertility.


Not only that, most men who struggle with infertility are a bit afraid of seeking treatment because they don’t want to seem less than a man.


But this issue is much more prevalent than we realize, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 9.4% of males in the United States are infertile.


So how can men overcome the discomfort associated with visiting their doctor’s office or a fertility specialist to do semen analysis and other fertility-associated tests?


At-home fertility test kits for males, that’s how. Thankfully, at-home testing is evolving and in this post, we will explore the accuracy of home fertility tests for men and also look at the best ones, along with the general test process.

Can I do Male Fertility Test at Home?

Yes, men can certainly do at-home fertility tests to easily and conveniently monitor their sperm count, hormones, and other fertility-related biomarkers. These kits are typically easy-to-use ad come with step-by-step instructions plus professional support that you can access from home.


You can choose from a series of brands that manufacture male fertility kits, and further in this article we will explore the best seven on the market.


These at-home fertility and hormone testing kits each assess for multiple biomarkers that can indicate testosterne deficiency syndrome.


Some of these components include:


  • Testosterone-Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in male testes. This hormone is an androgen and has several duties in aiding with the regulation of numerous bodily functions, including physical development and sexual function.
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)-SHBG is a protein that affects sex hormones, like testosterone by binding to specific sex hormones, to remove said hormone from direct circulation.
  • Free Androgen Index (FAI)-This is a ratio calculation that is used to determine if a man or woman has abnormal androgen levels.
  • Prolactin-This hormone is what causes breast growth during pregnancy; however, in men, high levels of prolactin may result in impotence, a reduced desire for sex, and infertility.
  • Estradiol-Though this is primarily a female hormone, estradiol in men aids with their libido, erectile function, and sperm formation.

If your biomarkers are out of balance, they can negatively affect your hormones, sperm production etc, which will likely cause infertility issues.

How can I Test my Male Fertility at Home?

Each brand of at-home fertility test kits for males provides its users with specific directions for use from before the semen collection to waiting for your results; however, the process usually follows these steps:


Step 1-Find a reputable brand to purchase your test kit. The package should include both your kit and a set of detailed instructions.

Step 2-Read the instructions thoroughly until you fully understand what is expected of you.

Step 3-Collect and package your sample to send off. Be careful, any mistakes can spoil your results or cause an error that yields inaccurate test results.

Step 4-Wait a few days (5-7) then collect your results online. Depending on the results of your test, you may choose to seek additional medical advice. 

Quick Look

  • Ro: This at-home fertility test kit for males is a great option for men who are looking to store their sperm over any period. With this kit, you will get a well-analyzed detailed report of your sperm fertility status before it is sent to the cryogenic lab to be stored if considered healthy.
  • LegacyThis company offers more than an analysis of the five key metrics of sperm health which are; volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology of the sperm. With Legacy, you also get your sperm DNA fragmentation analysis.
  • TrakTrak offers you a precision-engineered CentriFluidic technology device that allows you to always get more than a yes or no answer about your sperm health.
  • YoYo at-home fertility test kits for males makes it possible for men to keep track of their sperm quality at home. You do not need to visit a doctor or mail your sample to the lab at all with this test kit.
  • FellowProvides four home fertility tests kits to get an understanding of your ability to make a female get pregnant, to freeze your sperm for however long you want, to check your fertility status after vasectomy, and to get an understanding of if your sperm count is normal or not.
  • SpermcheckThe company offers two home fertility tests. The fertility test kit to keep track of your fertility status and the vasectomy test kit to check your fertility status after vasectomy.
  • LetsGetCheckedLetsGetChecked offers four home fertility tests to keep track of your hormone levels. Tracking your hormone levels gives a big picture of your fertility.



Ro at-home fertility test kits for males are highly recommended for men who might consider getting their sperm frozen over any period.


The kit is made of advanced technology in which the components of it are well integrated to be tamper-proof, shockproof, and drop-proof to prevent temperature fluctuations and any kind of accident.


After ordering and getting the product, follow the instructions to take your semen sample and drop off your kit at any UPS location for overnight shipping back to the lab.


When your sample gets to the lab, the lab physician examines it to evaluate your sperm count, motility, and concentration.


You then get the result of your fertility health within 48 hours of the lab getting your sample. After that, your healthy sperm is transported to a partner cryogenic lab to be cryopreserved for as long as you want.


NOTE: Your semen sample should only be sent to the UPS location on weekdays. Samples are not delivered on Saturday and Sunday.


  • With this product, you get well-detailed information about your fertility status and also, your semen sample cryopreserved for as long as you want.
  • The product is budget-friendly. You get one year free for semen storage and pay $99 the consecutive years.
  • The product offers you future fertility options just in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Your semen sample is analyzed at a partner CLIA certified lab. You can be well assured of getting accurate reports.
  • The company offers you adequate security. Your tamper-proof kit comes with 2-factor security authentication to protect your identity and prevent a mix-up of your kit with another.
  • The company lets you pay for the product over time with no interest fee.
  • Your semen sample is analyzed by certified lab physicians.
  • Semen samples are monitored and securely stored 24/7 at the cryogenic lab.
  • The company provides world-class customer support that helps you understand the results of your semen analysis.
  • They also connect you to local fertility specialists in case of the future use of your sperm.


You can get either of the two Ro at-home fertility test kits for males. The $199 kit lets you store 3 vials of your sperm for $99 and the $599 kit lets you store 9 vials of your sperm for $297, for future use. You can order here.

My Take

You should use this test kit if you wish to increase your fertility options.


Freezing sperm should be available to men who may be undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, in high-risk jobs, military, or those undergoing gender affirmation surgery.


Legacy provides three home fertility test kits; for today, for tomorrow, and forever, to check the male sperm health and DNA fragmentation.


The for today test kit lets you test for the five key metrics of sperm health which are; sperm count, volume, motility, concentration, and morphology.


The for Tomorrow test kit lets you test the five key metrics of your sperm and one analysis of your sperm DNA fragmentation. With the for tomorrow kit, you also get five years of sperm freezing.


The forever test kit lets you get the analysis of the five key metrics of your sperm health and two analyses of your sperm DNA fragmentation. You get to freeze your sperm for more than five years and for as long as you want with the forever test kit.


Legacy brings to your home what you will hardly find in just any laboratory. You get an advanced male test that measures the percentage of abnormal or damaged DNA carried by your sperm. With these kits, especially the for tomorrow and forever kits, you get a very clear picture of if you truly suffer infertility.


  • You get your sperm DNA fragmentation analysis from a reliable source without having to visit a doctor or lab.
  • Your sperm testing is conducted in a CLIA certified lab by a team of experienced healthcare professionals.
  • The result of your test is reviewed by board-certified medical staff.
  • The company provides you with a clear and holistic view of your fertility on your terms.
  • The company allows some insurance and employer benefit plans to cover your bills.
  • You get free express shipping to your door and free overnight shipping of your semen back to the lab.
  • You can use this product for post-vasectomy and vasectomy reversal semen analysis.


For Today fertility test kit: $195.


For Tomorrow fertility test kit: $995.


Forever fertility test kit: $3995.


You can pay for the products in installments of 2-12 months without any interest fee added to the cost.

My Take

This at-home fertility testing kit is for you if; you are trying to conceive, you want to proactively improve your fertility, you plan to freeze your sperm, or you need semen testing after a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal.


Trak provides a precision-engineered centrifluidic technology device that gives results of a male’s sperm count. This technology provides you with more than yes or no answers to your fertility status.


You get the result that the measure of your sperm count is low, moderate, or optimal for conception.


After you have ordered and gotten your kit, follow the procedures on the owner’s guide pamphlet to collect your sample and have your result provided to you through the device. This product lets you keep track of your sperm count as time goes on, you just have to always refill your test kit whenever you want to take the test again.


  • Trak volume cups are the only FDA-cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.
  • The owner’s guide instructions in the pamphlet are very easy to follow.
  • The device offers you a test result as accurate as getting a lab test result.
  • The company offers free shipping of the product to your location.
  • You get an immediate result of your test. You do not have to wait for days before getting your result.
  • The product is cost-effective.


The Trak male fertility testing product goes for a price of $89 for first-time purchasers.


A returning customer gets his refill for $59 every time he needs a refill. You can order here.

My Take

This fertility testing kit for males is recommended for every man to get results of their sperm count from time to time.



With the YO at-home fertility test kits for males, you do not need to mail in your sample to a lab or visit a doctor. You get the result of your sperm viable swimmers in the privacy of your home from time to time.


If you get one negative result from taking the test, the app result comes with recommendations that work for infertility to improve your fertility and shorten your time of conception. You have to take the test again days after getting the negative result to be certain that the recommendations provided by the app worked for you.


To use this product, after you have gotten your kit, download the app on your phone and follow the instructions on the app to take the test.


You will get your test result and a live sperm video of your sperm within a few minutes of taking the test. This result and sperm video show a clear picture of how well you are doing with fertility.


  • The Yo male fertility test product is FDA and CE cleared for use on smartphones.
  • You get to keep track of how well your sperm is doing from time to time.
  • The result is privately stored on your app and cannot be seen by unwanted parties online and offline.
  • The test kit is cost-effective.


The Yo male fertility sperm test kit ×2 cost $79.95 and the refill for the product cost $39.95. You can also get the ×3 or ×4 kit on the order page.

My Take

This product is highly recommended to men who want to keep a record of their sperm count from time to time.


Fellow offers four male fertility testing kits for males. You can get either the semen analysis, cryopreservation, vasectomy, or sperm count test kit.

The semen analysis test kit lets you have an understanding of your ability to conceive by giving the result of your semen volume, sperm count, concentration, motility, and morphology.

With the cryopreservation kit, you can freeze your sperm for future use. The cryopreservation test kit also offers an STI test carried out on the semen before it is preserved if you get a negative result.

The vasectomy test kit is for men to be certain that they are no longer fertile and not able to conceive after having a vasectomy. You should use a semen analysis test kit if you had a vasectomy reversal.

The sperm count test kit is for men who want to understand that their sperm count is normal. Men who have also tried to get pregnant for less than 6 months should use this kit.

You should follow the instructions that come with your test kits to take either of the tests.


  • These fertility testing products are cost-effective.
  • The company offers free shipping of your kit to your location and free shipping of your sample back to the lab.
  • You get doctor-approved, easy-to-understand test results.
  • Your test sample is analyzed at a CLIA-certified partner lab.
  • The company offers the utmost security for your kits and test results.


Semen analysis test kit: $189.00. Cryopreservation test kit: $189.00 + $149 annual payment for storage.

Vasectomy test kit: $139.00

Sperm count test kit: $99.00.

My Take

Fellow at-home fertility test kits are for men who want to get information about their sperm health ordinarily or after getting a vasectomy.


It also offers future fertility options through the cryopreservation method which allows you to be proactive about your fertility.


Spermcheck offers two home fertility tests kits that come with a device that gives answers to if a man has a normal or low sperm count.

The fertility test kit is designed to be used as the first step in male fertility testing, it gives information on whether or not a more comprehensive clinical fertility evaluation is needed.

The vasectomy test kit gives an evaluation of the male fertility status to be sure he can no longer conceive after vasectomy. The two kits come with the same components;

  • 1 sperm check device.
  • 1 semen transfer device.
  • 1 sperm collection cup.
  • 1 sperm check solution bottle and,
  • 1 instruction of use for each product.


  • You get your easy-to-read result on the device within a few minutes of testing.
  • The product is very cost-effective.
  • With this product, you can always stay informed of your fertility status. You can use the product at 90 days intervals if you are trying to conceive.
  • The vasectomy test kit gives accurate information that you truly are unable to conceive anymore after vasectomy.


You have two purchasing options for the same price available on their website:

Spermcheck fertility home sperm test(2 pack): $59.99

Spermcheck vasectomy home follow-up test(2 pack): $59.99

My Take

Spermcheck kits are cost-effective and should be used by men who want to keep track of their fertility status anytime and those who just had a vasectomy.


LetsGetChecked offers four home testing products to keep track of male hormones. The four at-home test kits you can use are; Testosterone test, Male hormone test, Male hormone advanced test, and Male hormone complete test.


The testosterone test measures the amount of testosterone present in your blood.The male hormone test measures three male hormones; testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin, and free androgen index, to help identify abnormal androgen status.


The male hormone advanced test measures five hormones; testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin, prolactin, estradiol, and free androgen index, to provide a comprehensive overview of a man’s hormonal health to help identify imbalances and boost performance.


The male hormone complete test measures six male hormones; testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin, prolactin, estradiol, free androgen index, and cortisol, to provide a comprehensive panel of male and stress hormones to expose imbalances that could be holding you from reaching your goals.


The test sample used for this test is blood and it is collected by the finger prick collection method. To take either of the tests, you order your kit and follow the instructions in the video or pamphlet to take your test sample and ship it back to the lab. You will get your test results within 2-5 days of your sample getting to the lab.


  • Your test samples are analyzed in CLIA certified laboratories. You can be assured of accurate test results.
  • The company uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information.
  • You get free shipping of the kit to your location and free shipping of your sample to the lab.
  • LetsGetChecked products are cost-effective.
  • With this test, you get to keep track of the important hormones that ensure fertility.
  • You get medical support 24/7. The board-certified healthcare professionals call to explain your results.
  • You get to manage your test results from a secure online account.


There are four purchasing options, which are:

Testosterone test kit: $69

Male hormone test kit: $139

Male hormone advanced test kit: $179

Male hormone complete test kit: $199

My Take

LetsGetChecked male fertility test kit is recommended for men who want to get information about their hormone levels so that they know about their fertility health.

Are At-home Male Fertility Tests Accurate?

Yes, at-home fertility test kits for males can be quite accurate. However, the accuracy of each kit is highly dependent on the manufacturer. The accuracy of your test results can also depend on how correctly you collected the semen sample.


Additionally, these brands adhere to high standards set by regulatory bodies to ensure quality and accuracy from the manufacturing to the results processing stages. These standards help to make sure that the tests are as accurate as possible.


Male infertility is a growing issue, and it can be quite sensitive, therefore, the fact that men can conduct semen analysis from the comfort of their homes, is one way to combat this medical condition.


These tests are widely available and typically easy-to-use. They can also provide accurate results. For your best reproductive health, speak with your doctor about home fertility tests.

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