Best At Home Metabolism Test Kits

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Are you struggling with unexplained weight fluctuations, fatigue, or other metabolic-related symptoms? An at-home metabolism test kit can provide insights into potential imbalances. Further, if you want to lose or gain weight, improve your athletic performance, or optimize your fitness routine, at-home metabolism tests will help you achieve your goals.


At-home metabolism testing provides comprehensive insights into your energy expenditure, fat-burning capacity, and metabolic efficiency. With your metabolic information, you can optimize your nutrition, tailor your workouts, and make informed choices that align with your body’s unique needs.


Here are the best at-home metabolism tests for your metabolic health goals.

Can I do an At-Home Colon Cancer Test?

Of course! Metabolism tests typically detect anomalies in your body’s natural metabolic processes. Everything you do, from eating to working, or sleeping, produces or consumes energy in your body. These metabolic processes are often regulated by specific hormones, whose relative concentrations affect your overall health. Technology has made attending a medical facility unnecessary. At-home metabolism test kits are specially designed to measure levels of free testosterone, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and cortisol, all without having to visit a medical facility.

Quick look

Without further ado, here’s a quick look at the best at-home metabolism test kits money can buy. 


  • EverlyWellIf you’re cautious about digging a hole in your pockets, this budget-friendly kit offers membership savings. 
  • MyLAB BoxThis metabolism testing kit includes a free physician consultation. 
  • VerisanaIf your primary concern is to check and monitor your weight and fitness, Verisana is the best kit you can get. 


EverlyWell is renowned for creating a variety of convenient at-home testing kits, and this metabolism kit doesn’t disappoint. It is specifically designed to analyze the levels of cortisol, free testosterone, and TSH, influencing your body’s metabolism, weight, and energy levels and may affect weight gain and energy levels.


  • Sample collection is simple and only requires blood and saliva. 
  • Samples are then mailed to a CLIA-certified laboratory with prepaid shipping, and results are delivered directly to your device.
  • Metabolism results are thoroughly reviewed and approved by independent, board-certified physicians in your state.
  • Your data and other sensitive information are encrypted for your safety.
  • Testing helps you detect anomalies and hormonal imbalances to know definitively whether you should see a doctor.
  • EverlyWell can provide healthy lifestyle suggestions and ways that can drastically help you improve your health. 


The EverlyWell metabolism test kit is available for $49 on the official website.

My Take

The EverlyWell at-home metabolism test kit is user-friendly and convenient for anyone experiencing a slow metabolism or who wants to track their hormone levels. This budget-conscious testing kit can help you meet your fitness and health goals.


The MyLAB Box metabolism test kit is “a lab in a box.” It’s a fast, easy and reliable way for both men and women to assess their metabolism, health, and well-being. 


Regular testing with MyLAB Box provides a great advantage in understanding how your lifestyle influences your health by helping you monitor risk factors like weight gain and fatigue. MyLAB box measures cortisol, TSH, and free testosterone levels in blood and saliva.


  • Fast, easy-to-use, and affordable, this test provides a free physician consult, depending on your results.
  • The finger prick and saliva collection take only five minutes.
  • MyLAB Box is FDA-registered and ships your samples to a CAP and CLIA-certified laboratory. They undergo a series of tests to deliver your results to your mobile device between one-five days. 
  • MyLAB Box offers free two-day shipping to mail your samples to them and includes a pre-addressed, prepaid return envelope.
  • MyLAB test results are among the most accurate in the industry and are as reliable as results from tests done in a doctor’s office or a clinic. 
  • You can make payments with your FSA or HSA cards. 


The MyLAB metabolism test kit is available for $99.

My Take

The MyLAB metabolism test kit is perfect for anyone looking to quickly and conveniently assess their metabolism from the comfort of their home. If you notice anomalies in your health from fatigue, sleep problems, weight gain, thinning hair, or simply want to make necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that suit your needs, then MyLAB testing kit is just what you need.  And of course, you could get a free physician consultation, so what do you have to lose?


Verisana is the most precise at-home metabolism test kit out there for detecting hormonal imbalances that negatively impact your weight due to disturbed fat metabolism and increased water retention. The test analyzes estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and cortisol, all metabolic markers significantly affecting weight fluctuation.


  • Verisana weight hormone check makes collecting samples straightforward and convenient. 
  • Results help you understand your hormone status and how it influences your weight.
  • Simply collect your morning saliva and mail it to a Verisana laboratory for approximately three weeks of testing, after which results will be returned to you.
  • Only a medical practitioner can provide professional recommendations regarding your results.


Verisana weight hormone check is available for $149.95

My Take

Although Verisana weight hormone check is the most expensive metabolism testing kit on our list, it’s the best kit out there for anyone looking to take complete control of their weight and fitness. If you’re unhappy with your current weight and looking for a convenient assessment without going to a hospital, this is the best solution for you.

Are At Home Metabolism Test Kits Accurate?

Yes, at-home metabolism test kits accurately assess your metabolic health and hormone production via laboratory-certified results. Secondly, these kits are not for making direct diagnoses, only indicators that should be interpreted by a medical professional.

Before You Go...

At-home metabolism testing offers a proactive approach to long-term metabolic health by empowering you to monitor your metabolism, make informed adjustments, and potentially reduce the risk of chronic conditions associated with metabolic dysfunction.


Once you’ve decided which at-home metabolism test is right for you, read our article on how to get the most accurate results:


How To Do An At Home Metabolism Test

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