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If you’ve been following the news and social media trends closely, you’ll notice the unfortunate increase in the rate of domestic violence related to paternity testing issues. There are even several TV shows dedicated to problems like this, and so many homes have been left in disarray by the public shame and humiliation that comes when paternity testing goes wrong.


Wouldn’t it be better if such tests could be done right in your home?


Well, you’re in luck. Confirming the biological relationship between father and son has been made easy with an at home paternity test kit. You don’t have to travel long miles to get professional help; you can easily get your answers at the convenience of your home.


These paternity tests are accurate as certified laboratories will analyze your samples and give you your results within 2 to 3 days. However, compared to having the test done at the hospital, which will take at least several weeks to get your test results, they are also less stressful and time-saving.


If you are interested in a safe, discrete, and convenient way to have your paternity test done, this article provides you with 7 of the best at home paternity test kits in existence.


Yes, a paternity test can be done at the convenience of your home. Everything needed to complete the test is in a kit, which can be ordered online and delivered to your location.


The paternity test kit comes with an easy-to-understand guide on how to take the test on your own. It is simple and fast, and all you have to do after taking your samples is to mail them to the address on the return envelopes.


Your samples will be analyzed, and your results will be forwarded to you via a secure website within 2 to 3 days.


The paternity test works without much effort from your side, meaning all you have to do is order a kit and have it shipped for free to your location.


After the at-home DNA paternity test kit has been delivered, open the package, and you will find an easy-to-understand guide.


The guide shows you how to take the test and activate your DNA paternity test kit online, how to use the swab or the saliva tube, and everything provided in the kit. The swab will collect samples of the alleged father and child.


The samples will then be sealed in the bio-hazard bag for safety. There is an address on the return envelope with a free shipping label to deliver your samples to the accredited laboratory for analysis.


The best part of the at home paternity test kit is that your kit will be shipped to you and from you to the accredited laboratory. You will also get your results via their secure online portal, which you can access with your email and password, plus you get professional assistance on your results if you have any questions or need help.


Finally, you get personalized insight on your health that you can take to your doctor to review your medical plan. Cool, right?

Quick Look

Here are the best at-home paternity test kits, guaranteed to give you fast and reliable results.


  • Rapid PaternityHas about 13 years of experience with DNA.
  • HomePaternityPerformed over 20 million DNA paternity tests and allows you to include other participants and not only one possible father and child.
  • STK PaternityProvides you with accurate results that can be used as legal evidence, and comes with a court-admissible discount of about $50.
  • DNA Direct Paternityif you are looking for 100% accuracy, this test kit ensures that by including 22 genetic markers during analysis at AABB and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.
  • My Forever DNAHas the highest number of genetic markers, up to 34 DNA markers, and is effective in confirming the biological relationship of parents, grandparents, and siblings.
  • Ancestry DNAIf you want more insight into your genealogy and origin.
  • 23andMe Ancestry: If you’re looking to discover your ancestral origins, and find out through your DNA, why you have certain traits and characteristics, this product is best.


Once the Rapid Paternity test kit has been delivered to your location, you will open the package containing multiple cheek swabs,  individual envelopes for each sample, and a guide to registering your kit online.


Firstly, register your kit online; this will help you get a step-by-step guide to take the test, which will be forwarded via text or email notifications. Also, you will receive your results online and get useful insights on the way forward.


Secondly, use the cheek swabs to collect samples of 1 alleged father and child. Be careful when sealing the paternity test samples in each envelope to avoid cross-contamination.


Thirdly, safely ship the paternity test samples to the location on the kit. As soon as it reaches the accredited laboratory where your samples will be analyzed within two business days, you’d receive your results.


  • Your results are completely confidential and only accessible by you via the online portal with your password.
  • You don’t have to feel alone when taking the tests; you will be guided through the process via texts or emails.
  • You get assured accuracy with dual process technology; everything will be cross-checked twice before a trained doctor signs it off.
  • You don’t have to worry about the efficiency and accuracy of the Rapid Paternity test kit as they have a solid 13-year experience in DNA and medical testing.
  •  After you receive your results and still have questions, you can access their customer services for help via phone calls, email, or chats every business day from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • You get fast results as they come in 2 business days.
  • Rapid Paternity Test Kit uses the most accredited DNA laboratory in the United States.


Rapid Paternity Test Kit costs $119.50 with a 19% bonus discount now costing $97.

My Take

Rapid Paternity Test Kit allows for testing of all ages, from newborns to adults. It is clear and easy to understand, providing a fast and accurate result.


Order your kit online and fill in the information on the DNA Sample envelope. Then, register your at HomePaternity test kit online; you may also choose the option to add expected results and an additional party to test.


The kit contains a separate DNA sample envelope, including samples of each tested party, a child, and a possible father. Use the cheek swabs as indicated on the instructions guide and seal the samples in the DNA sample envelope.


Mail the envelope to the prepaid location; when it reaches the certified laboratory, you will be notified via email that your samples have been received. Within 1 – 2 business days, your results will be forwarded to you online.


Visit to access your results.


  • The at home paternity test kit is very easy to use.
  • You get to have experts of 25 years of experience work on your test samples without you leaving the comforts of your home at an affordable price.
  • You get your results very fast and at your convenience.
  • Your reports are private and won’t be sent by email or text. You can only access it via the online site with your password.
  • If you want to receive your test results via snail mail, that can be done, but you will be required to pay an additional fee.
  • The reports are accurate as certified laboratories will handle your DNA samples.


Available at for $99.

My Take

The at home paternity test kit is very easy to use, accurate and saves you a lot of time. Therefore, it is highly recommended, and the tests are carried out by experts with over 25 years of experience.


When you order your STK paternity test kit online, you will get one instructional brochure, one triplicate sample form, eight sterile swabs, four tamper seals, four swab envelopes, and one postage-paid return mailer.


When you carefully take the test at your convenience and forward the samples to the address on the postage-paid return mailer, you will get your accurate results in 3–5 days online.


You get to use your results as legal evidence, and the STK Paternity test gives you a $50 discount towards it.


  • You get to use FDA-approved contents to take your DNA paternity test.
  • You get telephone interpretation of results if you are confused about something or need assistance.
  • A2LA accredits the labs as an ISO17025 relationship testing facility.
  • STK Paternity tests perform the most powerful standard DNA test in the industry.
  • They ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your results by forwarding them to you online, only to be accessed by you with your password.


STK Paternity test kit costs $99.99.

My Take

The DNA paternity test is 100% accurate using the most powerful standard of DNA testing. In addition, you get to use full-color hardcopy results standard for legal evidence.


The DNA Direct Paternity test kit can be purchased online, and you can take the DNA paternity test at home with easy-to-understand instructions using the cheek swabs for a child and a possible father.


Package your samples and ship for free using the return mailer. Discounts are available if you plan to use the result for legal evidence. You get to print a copy of the results of the DNA paternity test for your legal use


Make sure to register online to get your confidential results, and if you have questions or complaints, there are phone numbers and email addresses provided on your kit to get you customer support.


  • Testing is 100% accurate as accredited DNA paternity testing Laboratories by AABB and ISO17025 are used to analyze your samples.
  • Your DNA paternity test will include 22 genetic markers for 100% accuracy.
  • The at home paternity test kit is easy to understand, especially with an easy-to-understand instructional guide.
  • You get free shipping to the accredited laboratory.
  • You get a customer service number and email address to ask questions for result interpretation.
  • Furthermore, you get a discount when you use the result as legal evidence.
  • Results come within two days via a secure online site.


DNA Direct Paternity test kit costs $79

My Take

Getting a DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit gives a fast and stress-free service as your results come in 2 business days without you leaving your doorstep. Also, providing court admissible discounts to show support.


The best part about purchasing the My Forever DNA paternity test is when you order your kit online, and it gets delivered in discreet packaging.


Your test kit contains step-by-step instructions to take the test on your own, six sterile cheek swabs in 3 different packets, 3 sample envelopes, a result notification form that must be filled, and a postage-paid envelope to return samples to the accredited laboratory for analysis.


The test is easy, pain-free, and suitable for all ages. You get your results within 1–3 days.


  • The process is discreet; your delivery and even when you receive your results, only you can access it and know what is inside.
  • My forever DNA paternity test has the highest DNA markers in the industry. 24 DNA markers for paternity and maternity and 46 for grandparents, siblings, and uncle/ aunty relationships.
  • The test is done at your convenience, easy and stress-free.
  • You get your accurate results within 1-3 business days.
  • You get an easy-to-understand instructional guide to help you along the way.
  • You get access to their personalized one-on-one customer care service to assist you.
  • AABB accredited laboratory is used to analyze your results for accuracy.
  • The test is suitable for all ages.


The My Forever DNA at-home paternity test kit costs $119

My Take

With a 100% sample analysis accuracy, you are guaranteed accurate and confidential results within 1–3 days. In addition, the test is suitable for all ages, helping you identify biological relationships conveniently from the comfort of your home.


The Ancestry DNA test kit can be purchased online, and the test is taken using the provided components. You can easily follow the instructions in the instructional guide, using the cheek swabs to collect cheek cells and properly place them in the sample collection envelope.


Make sure to activate your kit and place your saliva samples in the prepaid return envelope.


Mail your samples to the accredited laboratory for analysis and get your results online within 6–8 weeks.


Combine the information gotten from your DNA results with over 100 million family trees and billions of records to learn about your origins from over 1500 regions using your ethnicity estimate.


  • The Ancestry DNA test kit lets you learn how your genes influence your choices and visible/ hidden characteristics.
  • Just one family name will help you discover your ancestry and traits.
  • Discover over 35 of your traits at the convenience of your home.
  • The kit is easy to use and very informative.
  • Your results are secure and confidential.
  • The DNA paternity test kit is easy to use and affordable.
  • The test gives you more than a biological relationship confirmation; you can discover your ancestral origins at your convenience.


The Ancestry DNA at-home paternity test kit costs $119

My Take

If you are interested in your ancestral origins and how your genes influence your looks and actions, this kit is sure to take you on a journey deep into your past. So make sure to fasten your seat belts.


The 22ANDME Ancestry paternity test kit allows you to easily discover more about your DNA story and experience your ancestry in a whole new way. The test kit includes detailed instructions on how to go about the test, so ensure to read carefully and follow the procedure.


Collect your saliva samples and seal them to be mailed to the location on the prepaid envelope. The accredited laboratory will analyze your models, and you will receive an easy-to-understand result.


The at home paternity test does more than determining the biological relationship between father and child. Instead, it takes you on a journey of ancestral discovery


  • The 22ANDME Ancestry paternity test kit is easy to use and provides very accurate results.
  • The test helps you discover your ancestral origins at your convenience. You get to see where your ancestors lived over 500 years ago.
  • You get to have comprehensive ancestral breakdowns with 30+ of your interesting traits reports.
  • It lets you see how your DNA breakout across over 2000 geographic regions
  • You get to discover your relatives from all around the world.
  • The test shows you genetic similarities and differences between you and your relatives.
  • You get to create a 23andMe family tree from your DNA relationships.
  • The test is very informative and provides the best DNA-based ancestry test.


The 23andMe Ancestry DNA paternity test kit costs $99.

My Take

Being the best DNA ancestry test, you can discover interesting facts about your origins and see how you are connected to different people worldwide. So order a kit and begin an interesting journey of genetic discovery.


Yes, at-home paternity tests are accurate. With their analysis laboratories accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) under the relationship testing accreditation program, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA), and two independent teams of health professionals to check your results for accuracy before they get sent to you should give you all the assurance you need.


 A paternity test does much more than confirm a child’s biological father. DNA paternity helps to ascertain the family’s health history of the child, which is a very important requirement in treating chronic diseases. The early detection of a genetic disorder will reduce a child’s health risks.


The at home paternity test results are accurate and can be used to review your medical plan as legal evidence and connect with distant relations.


Get a paternity test kit for a convenient, safe, and affordable biological relationship confirmation.

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