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An interesting and entertaining DNA test might be available if you’ve ever wondered what causes your dog’s mischievous behavior or your cat’s distinctive fur. DNA tests can also identify potential medical issues, which may enable you to safeguard your pet’s well-being.


Pet DNA kits are typically used to identify the breeds present in their genetic makeup, and to determine their sex, especially for birds. Finding your pet’s possible ancestry might be simple with a pet DNA test.


You can conduct a DNA test on your pet with an at-home pet DNA test kit. These pet DNA tests are indeed helpful, but how accurate and reliable are they? What is the best pet DNA test? 


Continue reading to find out answers to these questions and more about at-home pet DNA test kits.

Can I Do An At-Home Pet DNA Test?

Yes, you can test your pet’s DNA in the convenience of your own home. You can do this with an at-home pet DNA test kit.


The entire process is quite comparable to kits for human DNA: Every gene in a pet is duplicated, with one copy coming from the mother and the other from the father. The maternal and paternal lines of your pet can be traced back to great-grandparents using DNA genetics laboratories, which can focus on each.


It’s also crucial to remember that pets will randomly inherit 50% of each of their parents’ breeds, making it quite likely that several breeds will be represented in them. Therefore, a DNA test is still extremely valuable even if you are aware of (or believe you are aware of) the parents or siblings of your dog.

How Can I Do an At-home Pet DNA Test?

An at-home pet DNA test kit typically comes with clear instructions. To collect a sample of your pet’s sample for the DNA test, the kit comes with a cheek swab to swipe the inside of your pet’s cheek.


But a variety of feathers is desired for bird sex testing, often known as “avian sex testing.” DNA testing on blood, hair, teeth, or other tissues sample can be done in particular situations, such as when examining horses or other animals, but the cost of the analysis for these samples may be high.


Follow the instructions on your kit on how to properly package and mail the sample from your pet. Following receipt of your pet’s DNA sample, the lab will examine it and compare it to an extensive breed database.


The DNA test results for your pet may take a few weeks or longer to arrive. Results may be mailed, made available online, or both. Each DNA kit will include detailed instructions and an estimate of the turnaround time. Some providers offer a breakdown of breed heritage by percentage.

Quick Look

  • Embark – can decode breed mix, screen for health conditions, and find relatives.
  • DNA My Dog – this breed health kit will determine every breed in your dog with your dog’s own DNA.
  • Wisdom Panel – has the largest pet health database with over 3 million pets tested.
  • Orivet – is designed to capture buccal (cheek) cells quickly and easily.
  • Etalon – offers comprehensive equine DNA testing.


Embark provides thorough and precise dog DNA findings. They capture 200,000 genetic markers, providing you with a wealth of knowledge about the breed, ancestry, and propensity for hereditary health issues of your dog. Additionally, they provide the only canine-related finder in the world, allowing you to connect with canines that have the same DNA as your beloved dog. They can tell whether your dog has any wolf or coyote in its blood.


Embark offers dog owners a great experience with simple instructions, expert packing (with postage included), and a unique profile to view your dog’s outcomes. With Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine as a partner, Embark offers incredibly reliable results.


  • Embark identifies 200,000 genetic markers, double the amount of genetic data as most other companies.
  • It comes with a relative finder that compares the Genetics of your dog to potential family relatives.
  • Your dog’s results are available in 2-4 weeks.
  • They test for 190 genetic problems and more than 350 breeds.
  • Embark is the most accurate canine DNA test, according to positive customer feedback.
  • It is simple to use—all you have to do is swab the inside of your dog’s mouth.
  • They offer Veterinarian consultation.
  • If your swab gets damaged, you’ll get a free replacement.
  • Free shipping for sending samples back to the lab in a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.


You can purchase the Breed ID only for $109 or buy both the Health and Breed ID for $159 with the discount code DOGLIFE. They offer free shipping on US orders.

My Take

This kit is recommended for all dogs because while standard dog DNA tests only identify your dog’s breed, Embark DNA test kit provides details on genetic diseases and potential health challenges. And it has the most accurate and comprehensive canine DNA test.


DNA My Dog offers a more affordable breakdown of your dog’s personality features, breed history, and some high-level health information. In comparison to other providers, DNA my Dog has a smaller breed database comprising common dog breeds in the United States. 


  • It provides a budget-friendly test for dog owners.
  • It includes two swabs and is replaceable for free if broken.
  • They demonstrate the level-by-level breakdown of breeds’ DNA rather than as a percentage.
  • They have only 102 breeds in their database.
  • Additional Life Plan services are included for maintaining canine well-being.
  • Results contain a list of common ailments and health issues specific to each breed of dog.
  • They offer discounts for multiple test kit purchases


DNA My Dog prices start at $79.99

My Take

If you want a pocket-friendly DNA kit for your dog, then DNA My Dog could be what you’re looking for. But you may not get a high level of accuracy in comparison to other providers because DNA My Dog only has 102 breeds in its database. DNA My Dog is still a fun way to know your pup better.


Wisdom Panel performs testing for more than 350 different genetic markers that are inherited from both parents. Such an enormous database may be appropriate for dogs who may be crossbreeds with breeds that are uncommon in the US.


They test for a wide range of international breeds, including the Jindo and the Mexican street dog, as well as other canine species, such as coyote and wolf. So, yes, your dog might prove to be a direct descendant of wolves.


However, Wisdom Panel analyzes fewer DNA markers than Embark. Wisdom Panel offers three different dog DNA tests: Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery, Wisdom Panel Essential, and Wisdom Panel Premium.


  • Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery tests for over 350 breeds and drug and medication sensitivities.
  • Wisdom Panel Essential tests for all the items in the Breed Discovery kit, plus additional tests for 35+ traits, 25+ medical issues, and more.
  • Wisdom Panel Premium covers everything in the Essential tests, plus over 210 genetic diseases and a veterinary consultation for significant health concerns.
  • All tests also feature a related finder and a three-generation family tree for your dog.
  • Over three million dogs have been tested by Wisdom Panel, and they say that more than 99.9% of the canines in their database have a relative.
  • You get a detailed result back within three weeks.
  • Additionally, Wisdom Panel provides a cat DNA test, which screens for more than 70 breeds and populations, more than 45 hereditary health conditions, and more than 25 traits.
  • The Wisdom Panel kit comes with two swabs and a free replacement if damaged.
  • Free shipping for sending samples back to the lab in a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.


The Breed Discovery offers the lowest price at $79.99. If you’re shopping for more than one pet, you may buy a bundle to get an additional $80 in savings.

My Take

Wisdom panel offers nearly everything that the more expensive dog DNA testing competitors offer, plus user-friendly result.


The Orivet dog DNA test for more than 250 diseases and characteristics and more than 350 breeds and canine variants. Though they target breeders and veterinarians, pet owners can still learn a lot about their pets from them.


They also go a step further by offering an individualized wellness program based on your identified dog’s breed, as well as the age, weight, gender, location, and way of life of your dog.


  • They offer quality tests at an affordable price.
  • You will get a personalized wellness plan for your pet.
  • Free shipping for sending samples back to the lab in a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.
  • They provide DNA testing for cats and dogs.
  • You’ll get your results within three weeks.
  • Orivet provides a prediction for your pet’s adult weight.
  • The company made a contribution to the creation of guidelines for animal genetic testing.


Orivet is on sale price starting from $135.00 $95.00. They also offer a FREE Breeders DNA Collection Kit (pack of 6).

My Take

Orivet performs testing for many of the same breeds and hereditary health issues as the top competitors in the industry, but at a lower cost.


If you’re a horse lover, then Etalon’s at-home pet DNA tests are designed for you – horse lovers by fellow horse lovers. They offer equestrian tests to owners, riders, and breeders.


Etalon has you covered if you wish to forecast and/or plan your horse’s appearance. Or perhaps you’re a rider curious about your horse’s best qualities; Etalon is probably not going to let you down because it also provides laboratory feedback.


Additionally, there is coverage for any potential health concerns for your horse.


  • They offer 50+ genetic tests.
  • You will get feedback on genetic patterns and colors.
  • Your results include insights into the equestrian abilities, performance, and ancestry of your horse.
  • Etalon regularly updates your at-home pet DNA test results at no extra charge.
  • They guarantee a minimum 99.54% degree of accuracy in test results.
  • You’ll get a detailed user-friendly result.
  • No need to draw blood; a nice sample can be made with just 30–40 mane hairs.
  • You’ll learn about the genes in horses that are linked to various conditions and diseases.
  • Though there are a few competitors, the market for equine DNA testing is still quite small.


At $119, Etalon offers most of the DNA-based insights available from the organization. You may upgrade to higher plans to get more comprehensive results

My Take

Though Etalon’s at-home pet DNA tests are priced above their competitors, they deliver more information on your horse with better quality and higher accuracy and, as such, are quite suitable for all horses.

How Accurate Are Pet DNA Tests?

At-home pet DNA tests are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but the providers guarantee high levels of internal quality control. Since test results are not independently determined, pet owners simply have to trust the claims of the providers.


You should note that your pet’s DNA and age test accuracy varies according to the test you use and the breed of your pet. For example, it might be challenging to determine a puppy’s exact age because numerous factors can influence its growth.


However, many genetic age tests will give you a prediction of your puppy’s age that is accurate within two years.


However, when performed on adult canines who have attained maturity, which is between 2 and 4 years old, the tests are most accurate. The test will be more accurate the more times you take it (and send in multiple samples).


Though there is room for inaccuracy, the tests are most accurate when the provider has a large database of tested pet DNA.


While at-home pet DNA tests can aid you in adopting a more proactive preventative strategy for your pet’s health, experts, however, urge caution in the interpretation of results. A test result might indicate certain health conditions in your pet, but that doesn’t mean they will inevitably get the illness or condition.


In the absence of official regulation of the industry, the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs is organizing pet DNA providers into establishing industry standards. Some providers and other stakeholders are contributing to this effort.


Finally, your pet’s test result is not their destiny. They can, however, help you to learn more about your pet, its breed, ideal lifestyle, and any potential health concerns.


Importantly, you should talk to your vet about any issues of concern. They can always provide regular comprehensive health screening for your pet.

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