Best At home Testosterone Test Kits

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Have you been wondering what has been causing your low sex drive, or have you been experiencing depression, insomnia, fatigue, weight loss, or hair loss, and you’ve been wondering what could be the cause?


The primary male sex hormone, testosterone, is present in both males and females. It is responsible for sex drive, body fat distribution, muscle mass development, and bone density.


When the body’s testosterone level is below or above average, it causes a series of adverse effects on the body, such as those listed above. 


Rest assured, as your testosterone level can be measured at the convenience of your home. How? This article provides the best seven at home testosterone test kits that are trusted to give you the best actionable results. 

Can I Test My Testosterone Levels At Home?

Yes, most definitely! You can test your testosterone levels at home. You can easily order one of these testosterone test kits, which would be free-shipped to your location, where you can perform the test at your convenience. It contains an easy-to-understand guide on how to perform the test on your own, and the exciting part is that it is simple and affordable.

How Can I Do An At Home Testosterone Test?

Here are the simple steps to perform a testosterone level test at home: firstly, you could order these 7 test kits online and get them free-shipped to your location. 


The kit contains an easy-to-understand guide on how to take the test, saliva tube (saliva samples) or blood tube (saliva samples), sterile lancets (for a painless finger prick of blood), gauze, band-aids, alcohol wipes, biohazard bag, and a return envelope which contains an address to ship the samples to the certified laboratories where they would further analyze your samples (shipping is free).


Your results will be sent to you at your convenience via email or smartphone in a few days. 


You are not alone in this, as you get a free physician review of your results or if you have any questions, they are available to help.

Quick Look

The seven (7) at home testosterone test kits are briefly explained below: 

  • EverlyWellThis testosterone test kit measures the level (normal, low, or high) of free testosterone in the saliva through a straightforward process. It costs $49, and it is not suitable for anyone younger than 18
  • MyLab Box: whether you are worried about your menstrual cycle, fertility, breast, and bone health, MyLab Box is just what you need. It costs $79, and you get your results in 2-5 working days.
  • LetsGetCheckedThis testosterone level test kit is best for people suffering from chronic stress and measures testosterone levels in blood through a painless finger prick. It costs $69.
  • Lab.Me: If you’ve been having fertility issues, this at-home testosterone test kit is best for you as it measures the amount of free testosterone in the blood through a simple finger prick. You get your test results in 2-3 working days.
  • Imaware: this product is best for people with erectile dysfunction, low libido, and infertility. The testosterone test kit measures total testosterone for people aged 18 and above. It involves a finger prick of blood samples, and you get your result in 7 days.
  • Verisana: If you have been experiencing depression, low libido, or weight loss and want to learn more about your hormones, this kit helps. It measures the testosterone level in the blood samples of men and women. It cost $49.95.
  • Cerascreen: Through this saliva test, you get actionable results as well as comprehensive information about testosterone and what it does in your body. You get your results in 3-4 working days. It costs $59.


You can get your EverlyWell testosterone test kits through a simple online purchase via their official website. The test kit gets delivered to your location at no cost (free-shipped). 


The kit contains a saliva tube, a biohazard bag, and a prepaid return shipping label. It would be best to spit in your saliva tube to collect your saliva samples. The saliva tube will be placed in the biohazard bag and mailed to the location on the prepaid return shipping label (also free-shipped). 


The contents will be shipped at no cost to a certified laboratory where your sample will be analyzed. Your results come in days. 


It would be best if you fasted for a few hours before taking the test in the morning.


  • You can learn about your health at your convenience without driving for hours to the hospital. Therefore, you avoid expensive doctor appointments and long queues.
  • You get to take control of your health through actionable results provided by the certified labs. 
  • You get meaningful insights about your health.
  • Your results are sent at your convenience, either via email or your smartphone.
  • Through your diet and lifestyle, you can easily influence your testosterone levels.
  • The laboratory is certified by the Clinical laboratory improvement amendment (CLIA), so you rest assured that you get accurate results.
  • You can also use your results as a reference to your healthcare providers.
  • You get free shipping both ways (to and from you)



You can access Everlywell’s cholesterol test kit for $49 via their official website. They offer free shipping, and FSA / HSA are accepted forms of payment.

My Take

EverlyWell testosterone test kits cost $49. Also, FSA/HSA payments are accepted.



Test your testosterone levels in the privacy of your home in 5 minutes using this testosterone test kit. 


To do that, first purchase a test kit from the website (free shipping to your location). With discreet packaging, your test kit will be delivered for your privacy. 


The kit contains easy-to-understand instructions to guide the process. It is a saliva test, so you would be required to spit in the saliva tube. Everything else is inside the test kit to ensure a smooth process. It would be best if you fasted for a few hours before taking the test in the morning.


After sample collection, mail the sample to the address on your prepaid envelope (also, shipping is free). The certified laboratory it was shipped to will carefully analyze your samples for accurate results.


In 2–5 days, you get your results via email and free physician assistance In case you have any questions.


  • You get complete information about testosterone and how it affects your health. 
  • You get to test your testosterone levels at home in 5 minutes. 
  • It saves time and money as it costs way less than the thousands you would have to pay to get tested at the hospital.
  • The test is as accurate. Your test samples are analyzed by the best medical facilities and health experts.
  • The laboratory is certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) and CAP-accredited.
  • Your results are discreet as HIPAA web security protocols protect your data.
  • The test is quick, easy, and pain-free.



Mylab Box testosterone test kit costs $79. You save up to 15% once to subscribe to their website.

My Take

This at-home test ensures your results will be available within 2 to 5 days. Getting tested in a doctor’s office could take over a week to receive your results. It is fast, easy, and reliable.



Let’sGetChecked testosterone test kit involves a blood sample collection to measure the testosterone level in your blood. You are advised not to take this test if you have infectious diseases or have drunk alcohol or any medicine, as it can influence your test results.


The kit can easily be ordered online and forwarded to your location (free shipping). The blood sample collection kit contains easy-to-understand instructions on carrying out the test safely. Also included are four sterile lancets, gauze, a blood collection tube, two band-aids, alcohol wipes, a biohazard bag, and a return envelope.


To start the test, you must first read the instructions and the warnings, and this is to guide the process by ensuring a safe test.


Collect your samples in the morning and mail them back on the same day. The test involves a painless finger prick of blood using sterile lancets. 


For more information, visit their website and activate your kit online at; as soon as you want to take your test.  If the test is not activated and linked to you, the laboratory cannot process your sample.


  • You get free shipping on all orders
  • You are not alone, as you have health experts readily available to answer your questions.
  • The labs that analyze your samples are certified by the Clinical laboratory improvement amendment (CLIA) and CAP-accredited. Therefore, your results are accurate.
  • It saves time and money as it is cheaper than going to expensive doctor’s appointments.
  • It is easy and can be done at your convenience.
  • It is confidential and helps you keep track of your health.
  • You get actionable results in 2 to 5 days.



Let’s Get Checked costs about $69

My Take

If you are bodybuilding competitively, experiencing chronic stress, taking anabolic steroids, are obese, have thyroid issues, or have a family history of low testosterone, this kit is meant for you. Learn more at your convenience with this kit by getting the LetsGetChecked app to test and track your health



To get a Lab Me testosterone test kit, you need to order it online via their website. You can choose how frequently you’d like to test your testosterone levels. It gets mailed directly to your location in a matter of days (free shipping).


The kit contains everything you’d need to complete the painless finger-prick blood test, including an instruction guide to ease the process.


Once the test has been carried out, you would have to forward it to the address on the prepaid envelope where your blood sample would be analyzed at a certified laboratory. Your results will be sent within 48hours.


  • Accredited labs analyze the samples and ensure result accuracy.
  • It is an easy way to measure your testosterone levels.
  • It is convenient as you can perform the test at home.
  • Furthermore, it saves money and time from traveling the distance to the hospital to carry out the same test at a higher price.
  • You get free physician reviews on your results.
  • You get more control over your health as lab me testosterone test offers you actionable results at home; you can influence your testosterone levels at your convenience through diet and lifestyle.
  • Your results are accurate as certified laboratories with qualified medical professionals are in charge of your test analysis.
  • Your results are your privacy, and you receive them within 2-3days of your samples reaching the lab.



Lab.Me testosterone levels test kit costs $69 for a one-time purchase, and by subscribing, you save $62 every 3 Months to Save 10%. When you are purchasing for two people, you are required to create their account to order.

My Take

In case you want to test for libido issues or infertility issues, the Lab Me testosterone test is best for anyone 18 or older. Take control of your health today using Lab Me.



Imaware has been recommended as “Best for men’s health” by Healthline.


This test requires a few drops of blood using a painless finger prick of a lancet (you won’t even see the needle) to ascertain the testosterone level in your blood. 


You can easily order the kit online, and you get free shipping to your location. Perform the test at your convenience using the step-by-step guide to collect your samples. Once sample collection and packaging are done, mail them to the address on the prepaid return envelope.


The certified laboratory it was mailed to will analyze your samples and forward your results to you in less than a week.


  • This testosterone test kit accurately measures your testosterone levels. 
  • Clinical laboratory improvement amendment CLIA and CAP have certified the laboratories used for analysis.
  • It is affordable.
  • Imaware testosterone test kit has about 26 customer reviews on its ease of use.
  • A physician approves every report sent to you
  • You get physician assistance if you have any questions about your health.
  • Though the imaware testosterone test kit is only for people male at birth, women can also take this test as long as they contact their physician before use.
  • You get free shipping, your test kit, and from you, your samples to the certified laboratory.



Imaware testosterone test kit costs $69, but with 15% off select health and wellness tests with the code MENSHEALTH15, you can get it for $59. FSA/HSA payments are accepted.

My Take

Imaware testosterone test kit is for people born male at birth from ages 18 and older. Only 1 in 20 people show low testosterone, regardless of how common it is. It is advised you get this once you are having Testosterone replacement therapy, excessive weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, low libido, Fewer spontaneous erections, and Infertility.



This Verisana testosterone saliva test kit gets delivered after your order online. The test kit helps you find out whether the level of your testosterone is in a healthy balance (low, normal, or high) using a simple Saliva test. 


After ordering, your test kit will contain all the necessities for the test completion. 


You get to take the test in the comfort of your home and mail the required saliva sample to the address on the prepaid return shipping label. 


After the result analysis, you can get your results at your convenience using Verisana secure portal.


Your results indicate your testosterone level, and you get to discuss it with the recommended doctor who can give further guidance and treatments.


  • You get a step-by-step guide on carrying out the test at your convenience.
  • It is easy to carry out and affordable.
  • You get a Health practitioner’s assistance for guidance, so you are never alone in the process.
  • Shipping the kit is free to you and from you to the certified laboratory.
  • The accredited laboratory ensures accuracy in the analysis of your result.
  • It is not for anyone younger than the age of 18. 
  • Verisana does not offer therapeutic services, but will assist you in finding a suitable therapist in your location. 



Verisana testosterone salivatest kit costs $49.95.

My Take

Decreased sex drive, weight loss, weight gain, cellulite, varicose veins, wrinkles, hair loss, reduced beard hair growth, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and forgetfulness are symptoms connected to testosterone deficiency.



Cerascreen at-home testosterone test kits can be easily ordered online. You get free and fast delivery to your location, and the kit contents will help you make your saliva sample collection discreet and safe.


The test kit contains a small straw; spit some saliva into the available collection tube. The three saliva tubes provided are to be filled this way throughout the day. 


 Mail the required three samples to the address on the return envelope for professional lab analysis. 


Your results are precise and available quickly. You also get reviews by medical professionals on your test result, and if you have questions, they are available to answer them. 


It is advised that you take the test when you are healthy. Cold, flu, drugs, alcohol, and other medicinal plants can falsify your results. Infections like cold or flu can influence the results of your test.


Cerascreen also makes available quality supplements and free health consultations.


With Cerascreen, you get control of your testosterone levels by making specific changes to your diet and lifestyle.


  • It saves time and money; no long queues at your health center, no doctor visitations, and absolutely no extra charges; with a few minutes’ test, your testosterone levels will be determined.
  • Your results come in 3-4days upon receiving your saliva test samples.
  • You get actionable recommendations to help balance your testosterone levels on your own, either via your diet or lifestyle.
  • Your test analysis is done at a laboratory certified by the Clinical laboratory improvement amendment (CLIA) and also registered by FDA.
  • You get free and fast delivery of your kit, samples, and results.
  • You should get your results within one week. An email will also be sent to you once your sample reaches the lab.
  • It is easy to take the test.



Cerascreen at home testosterone test kits costs $59.

My Take

This test is not suitable for children under the age of 18. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women should only take this test under medical supervision.


People with infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV/AID should not take this testosterone test.

Are At Home Testosterone Tests Accurate?

Yes, these testosterone tests are accurate as your results get to be analyzed at the certified laboratory. The Laboratories are certified by Clinical Laboratory  Improvement Amendment (CLIA). With cutting-edge technology and expertly trained medical professionals, your samples and results are in safe hands. You get to have discreet service as your privacy is secured.


Taking these tests will let you know whether you have too much or too little testosterone in your body system. With accurate, actionable results obtained from the CLIA-certified, CDA- Accredited, and FDA-registered labs, you get to take your life into your hands by influencing your testosterone levels through a healthy diet and a slight lifestyle change.


Please, note that these test kits are not intended to examine diseases; contact your doctor for any medical emergencies such as extreme depression.

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