Best At-Home Women’s Health Test Kits

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Taking care of your health and wellness is a big responsibility, and in all honesty, it’s not always easy. One of the many contributing factors is that maintaining your health and wellness can be very costly.


Think about it. How much do you think the average woman spends every year trying to remain in good health? We’re talking blood test measurements, hormone testing, mammograms, and a plethora of other screening procedures.


Together, these add up to a hefty price tag that not every woman can afford. Consequently, some people will neglect to do their recommended health tests. This is very dangerous, as it can allow severe illnesses to go undetected until it’s too late.


In this article, we will look at a safer, affordable alternative—at-home women’s health test kits—and how they can help you save not only money but potentially your life.

Can I Do an At-Home Women’s Health Test?

Yes, you can do an at-home women’s health test. In fact, there are several types of these tests available that measure a wide variety of health components within the female body, including hormones and blood.


There are a series of tests that ought to be done for women throughout their lifetime, many of which must be done repeatedly to detect any abnormal changes in their health status.


While many of these tests must be conducted by a healthcare professional, like a lab technician, nurse, phlebotomist, or medical doctor, there are others that can be done at home.


Some of the female health tests that you can complete from the comfort of your own home include:

  •  hormones
  • fertility
  • heart health
  • antibodies
  • thyroid function
  • inflammation levels
  • diabetes risk
  • total cholesterol

If you are feeling under the weather, or even just differently than normal, that is reason enough to get yourself checked. Plus, with at-home women’s health tests, not being able to visit the doctor’s office is no excuse. Some people may be apprehensive to try at-home health tests because they worry about the complexity of the test and whether they will need physician support to understand their test results. However, the best at-home women’s health testing kits are easy-to-use and come with step-by-step instructions on how to collect the sample, package it, and send it off to a certified lab for testing.


If you have a particular health condition that requires regular testing, it is best to speak with your physician right away to double-check that at-home lab tests are a good fit for you and your condition. If so, ask them for recommendations for good at-home health tests that yield easy-to-read and accurate results.


For example, if a woman is having irregular periods, which may be an indication of hormonal imbalance, chances are her doctor will recommend regular testing to monitor her hormone levels for a set period of time. Hormone testing on a monthly basis can prove expensive, but the availability of at-home women’s health testing may afford her the ability to keep on top of her health status.


At-home health tests can help detect conditions that affect a wide range of health indicators, including:

    • weight gain
    • hormone balance
    • menopause
    • menstrual cycle
    • overall health
    • thyroid gland
    • adrenal glands
    • pituitary gland
    • female fertility
    • hair loss

How Can I Do an At-Home Women’s Health Test?

At-home women’s health tests use different kinds of samples, including urine, blood, or saliva. How you complete your at-home testing is partially dependent on the type of sample your test calls for and the condition you are testing for.


Each company provides its customers with specific instructions for using their women’s health kit at home. These instructions notwithstanding, there is a general procedure that can give you a better sense of what you will be required to do once your kit arrives.


Step 1

The first step is to find a reputable brand to purchase your test kit from. Most kits arrive a day or two after you’ve placed your order. The package should include both your kit and a set of detailed instructions.


Step 2

Next, you should read the instructions all the way through until you fully understand what is expected of you. Do not attempt to collect your sample until you understand the instructions fully. Otherwise, you will increase your risk of introducing an error into the process and/or receiving inaccurate results.


The instructions will inform you of any additional preparation required to take your test if you have not yet been made aware of any additional actions or precautions you must take. For example, you may be required to temporarily stop taking birth control, anti-seizure drugs, estrogen, synthetic (man-made) glucocorticoids—such as hydrocortisone, prednisone, and prednisolone—or androgen for a few days prior to the test. You may also be asked to avoid any vigorous exercise for twenty-four hours or food and water for at least eight hours before you conduct certain tests.


If a test requires you to miss a day of medication, it is imperative that you first consult your primary care provider to determine if this test is right for you.


Step 3

Now it’s time to collect your sample to send off. This step is very crucial, as any mistakes can spoil your results or cause an error that yields inaccurate test results.


Blood samples will just about always be collected via the finger prick method. Your kit should provide the necessary equipment to collect your sample.


Tests requiring a saliva sample will come with the corresponding collection tubes and other requisite materials needed to collect an ample amount of test material.


For the urine sample, you will be asked to urinate in a sterile container. Typically, you will be asked to catch a specific part of the urine, the mid-flow. Your kit will have an in-depth description to help you better understand how to collect the specific sample.


Step 4

Once you have properly collected your urine, blood, or saliva samples, it’s now time to package and send them to a certified lab for testing. Most companies include pre-paid shipping both ways along with a shipping envelope.


Step 5

Most at-home test kits are subject to a five-seven day waiting period before you are likely to see your results. Depending on the results of your test, you may choose to seek additional medical advice. 

Quick Look

  • EverlyWell– helps to determine whether your hormones are balanced throughout your body, or if imbalances may be causing your symptoms.
  • Lab.Me – helps monitor multiple systems such as metabolism, heart, kidneys, liver, and more.
  • ImAware – assesses key areas of women’s wellness, including heart health, thyroid function, inflammation levels, and diabetes risk.
  • LetsGetChecked – provides a broad picture of a woman’s hormonal health, with online results in just five days.
  • MyLab Box – measures a comprehensive panel of ten key hormones affecting a woman’s overall health.


Everlywell’s women’s health test is the company’s most comprehensive hormone panel for women at all stages of life. This test uses both blood and saliva samples to determine whether your hormones are balanced throughout your body, or if imbalances may be causing you to experience symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best.


  • This health test kit measures the levels of ten hormones
  • Kit includes necessary materials and detailed instructions to guide you through the sample collection and analysis processes
  • Kit comes with free shipping and a prepaid envelope for mailing in your results
  • Everlywell offers excellent customer support
  • Receive test results in digital and printable formats
  • Access to group webinars with a healthcare professional
  • Everlywell tests are reviewed and approved by an independent, board-certified physician within your state
  • Each lab that EverlyWell works with is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified
  • EverlyWell is HIPAA-compliant and takes your privacy very seriously, using state-of-the-art, bank-grade encryption to ensure your data is stored securely. Under no circumstance will they ever sell your data


You can access EverlyWell’s hormone testing kit on their website for $199 as a one-time purchase. Subscriptions are also available with the following offers:

    • Monthly Subscription: $149- YOU SAVE $50 (25%)
    • Quarterly Subscription: $159- YOU SAVE $40 (20%)
    • Semi-Annual Subscription: $169 -YOU SAVE $30 (15%)

Additionally, HSA/FSA payments are accepted. With each order, you will receive free shipping.

My Take

EverlyWell’s at-home women’s health test kit is ideal for women who are discontinuing hormone therapy or any woman experiencing symptoms indicative of hormonal imbalance.


Lab.Me’s at-home Female Executive Wellness test is the company’s most comprehensive test for women. It helps monitor multiple systems such as metabolism, heart, kidneys, liver, and more. The company provides online results a mere two-three days after their lab receives your test.


  • The company offers free shipping
  • Test samples are collected via the finger prick method
  • Lab.Me’s health test kit measures over fifteen biomarkers, including GGT, LDL % of HDL, VLDL, total triglycerides, lipids, cholesterol, and cortisol
  • Your Female Executive Wellness Test can take less than five minutes to complete
  • Lab.Me has an international video on YouTube to make the process even easier for you
  • Lab.Me uses the same accredited labs and methods to test your blood as your MD
  • Your results come with personalized reports, test recommendations, and evidence-based advice


Lab.Me’s at-home Female Executive Wellness test is available for $149.00 on their websiteThey also offer free shipping and a subscription plan where you can save 10 percent.

My Take

This at-home women’s health test kit by Lab.Me is ideal for women who take cholesterol medication, have irregular periods, are overweight, experience cold or heat intolerance, have skin issues, or have difficulty concentrating. This test is also highly recommended as an early detection system for particular biomarkers.


ImAware’s Women’s Health and Wellness Test assesses key areas of women’s wellness, including heart health, thyroid function, inflammation levels, and diabetes risk. This test measures hs-CRP, total cholesterol, ferritin, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, triglycerides, LDL-C, HDL-C, HbA1c, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).


ImAware’s health test kits require only a few drops of blood from the fingertip, which the company explains is a clinically-validated method that is just as accurate and typically less painful than conventional blood collection methods.


  • This test assesses key areas of women’s wellness
  • You will receive your test results in seven business days
  • Kit ships to you for free
  • User-friendly results take the guesswork out of deciphering complicated lab results while guiding you on the right path to your best health.
  • Results will be sent to you via email and can be accessed or downloaded anytime on ImAware’s website
  • Results include information you can pass on to your primary healthcare provider
  • Every report is physician-approved
  • This kit uses a simple finger prick sample collection method
  • All samples are analyzed by CLIA-certified labs, the gold standard in lab testing quality regulation


ImAware’s women’s health and wellness test is available for $149 with free shipping. Also, FSA/HSA cards are accepted forms of payment.

My Take

ImAware’s at-home women’s health test kit is ideal for women experiencing changes in appetite, unexplained weight gain, decreased energy, or irregular, slow, or rapid heartbeat. Additionally, older women with no history of hormonal irregularities can also use this test for routine checks.


Lets Get Checked’s at-home female hormone test provides a broad picture of a woman’s hormonal health, with results available online in just five days. The kit tests for follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin, and estradiol using the finger prick sample collection method.


  • A prepaid shipping label is provided for you to return your sample
  • Results are confidential and can be accessed from your secure online account within two-five days
  • Access a dedicated team of nurses who are available 24/7 and can call you to explain your results
  • LetsGetChecked laboratories are CLIA-approved and CAP-accredited, the highest levels of accreditation


This hormone test kit is available for $129.00 on their website. You can also access 30 percent off when you subscribe to their quarterly plan. All test kits ship free. FSA and HSA cards are accepted.

My Take

This at-home women’s health hormone test is for all women curious about their fertility status. If you are starting a family, or are thinking about pregnancy down the line, this female hormone test is for you.


The MyLAB Box at-home women’s health and fertility test kit measures a comprehensive panel of ten key hormones that affect women’s overall health. This test can help you determine if your hormones are balanced or if hormone imbalances are keeping you from feeling your best.


MyLAB Box works exclusively with the best laboratories and health experts to ensure your tests results meet national standards. Results are proven to be every bit as accurate as those completed in a clinic or doctor’s office.


  • MyLAB Box is CDC-listed and FDA-registered
  • Expect results within two-five days
  • Test kits come with free two-day shipping and a pre-paid envelope for mailing your samples to the lab
  • This health test kit uses both saliva and blood samples
  • The MyLAB Box at-home women’s health and fertility test kit measures a comprehensive panel of ten key hormones
  • MyLAB Box only works with CAP- and CLIA-certified, high complexity testing organizations at the forefront of STD diagnostic testing
  • The company uses HIPAA web security protocols to protect your data
  • FSA and HSA cards are accepted forms of payment
  • You may be eligible for a free physician consultation


The MyLAB Box women’s health and fertility test kit is available for $199.00. Plus, FSA and HSA cards are accepted forms of payment. Gift cards and coupon codes can also be used for purchases.

My Take

The MyLAB Box at-home women’s health test kit is suitable for anyone experiencing symptoms that could signal hormonal imbalances within their body. It can also be used for routine at-home hormone tests.

Are At-Home Women’s Health Tests Accurate?

Simply put, yes. At-home women’s health tests can be very accurate; however, this is largely dependent on the brand. Many companies on the market subject their product to rigorous testing and collaborate with CLIA-certified laboratories to ensure accurate results.


At-home test results can be as accurate as traditional lab tests. In fact, many companies have had their accuracy data and methods peer-reviewed by the scientific and medical communities.


Keeping your health and wellness in check does not have to be as hard or as expensive as you think. With the help of at-home women’s health test kits, you can conduct several tests from the comfort of your home.


At-home hormone tests can help you determine if your hormones are contributing to symptoms of illness or if they are at regular levels. They can also help indicate when you need to visit the doctor to help you achieve hormonal balance, remedy fertility problems, or treat any number of health conditions.

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