Best Online Prescription Services

Best Online Prescription Services

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As health and wellness continue to become a priority for more and more people, online prescription services have become a popular and convenient way to get the medications and treatments we need.


With the right online prescription service, you can access an extensive range of medications and treatments without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.


From refilling prescriptions to ordering new ones, these services make it easier than ever to manage your health and stay on top of your medication needs.


With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which online prescription service is the best for you, but with the right research and an understanding of your needs, you can easily find the best fit.

What are Online Prescription?

Since online prescriptions are an increasingly popular way of obtaining prescription medications, they are facilitated through an online pharmacy or online prescription service which allows a patient to order medications directly from the pharmacy.


This eliminates the need for a physical visit to the pharmacy, saving time and money.


The process of obtaining an online prescription is relatively straightforward. Patients must fill out an online form with information about their medical history and current medications.


This information is then reviewed by a licensed pharmacist, who then consults with the patient’s doctor to confirm the prescription.


Once the prescription has been approved, the medication is shipped directly to the patient’s home.


Online prescriptions are a convenient and cost-efficient way of obtaining prescription medications, as they are often more affordable than traditional pharmacies.


There is also no need to wait in long lines at the pharmacy, as the entire process is completed online.


Furthermore, online pharmacies offer medication refills and reminders, making it easy to stay on top of your medication regimen.


Online prescriptions offer a viable alternative to traditional pharmacies, especially for those who are unable to visit a physical location due to time or physical constraints.


In addition, online prescription services provide a wide range of medications, making it easy to find the right medication for your needs.

How Can I Get a Prescription Online?

Getting your prescription online is an easy process, and it can be done quickly. The first step is to find an online pharmacy that is reputable and reliable.


After you have found one, you will need to fill out a questionnaire with your medical history and symptoms so that the doctor can assess your condition.


The doctor will then review your information and will either approve or decline your prescription. If approved, the prescription will be electronically sent to the pharmacy, and you can pick up your medication.


This process is convenient and can save you time and energy as you don’t have to physically go to the doctor. With an online prescription, you can get the medications you need from the comfort of your home.

Quick Look

  • Amazon Pharmacy– a subsidiary of Amazon, making your pharmacy experience easier.

  • Capsule– promises to deliver your prescriptions the same day for free.

  • Cabinet Health– offers plastic-free over-the-counter medicines in refillable bottles.

  • Walgreens– caters to your pharmaceutical, health, wellness, and photo needs.

  • ExactCare Pharmacy– offers medication management and pharmacy care.

  • AccuPac– delivers your presorted medication each month at no additional cost.

  • divvyDOSE– delivers your prescriptions and over-the-counter meds in presorted, customized packs.

Amazon Pharmacy - online prescription


Amazon Pharmacy is a subsidiary of Amazon and is geared toward making your pharmacy experience easier.


You can transfer or refill an prescription online, shop for over-the-counter products by health conditions, and connect with a pharmacist 24/7.


  • You have access to pharmaceutical support around the clock

  • Amazon Pharmacy’s pricing options are clear and understandable, making them easy to understand for all

  • Amazon Pharmacy works with many insurance companies; as such, they will show your medication prices based on your insurance plan

  • Amazon Pharmacy delivers to your door in secure, discreet packaging, with status updates along the way

  • You are eligible to receive automatic refills as needed

  • Amazon Pharmacy can take care of transferring your prescription and will let you know when it’s time to order refills.


Amazon Pharmacy

The amount you pay will be dependent on the medication you are ordering and the delivery option that you select. However, Prime members will save on meds with their special Amazon Pharmacy benefits, and the company also offers coupons occasionally.

My Take

Amazon Pharmacy may be right for you if you fill at least one prescription regularly, especially if you need automatic refills and price transparency. Remember that signing up for the Amazon Prime package will give you discounts.

Capsule - online prescription


Capsule pharmacy promises to deliver your prescriptions the same day for free, and all you need is a phone to submit your order.


  • Capsule will bring your medications to your door, eliminating the need for you to leave home

  • Capsule keeps track of your prescription and reminds you when it’s time for a refill, so you don’t run out

  • This company uses predictive inventory that way; all medications are always in stock

  • you can text, call, email, or chat with your Capsule pharmacist whenever is convenient for you

  • Capsule works with most insurance companies, and they will coordinate with your doctor and insurance, reducing the need for you to do so.


Capsule - online prescription

Capsule will calculate your total cost based on the medications that you’ve ordered along with the amount. They accept insurance, and you will get free delivery to your door.

My Take

Capsule is ideal for anyone who needs to have repeat prescriptions and those who are too busy to communicate with their insurance companies.

Cabinet Health


Cabinet Health offers plastic-free over-the-counter medicines in refillable bottles to help reduce plastic waste that affects the environment.


These refillable bottles also help you to reduce clutter in your medicine cabinet.


  • B-corp certified

  • Cabinet Health’s products are independently quality tested

  • This company offers free carbon-neutral shipping for orders over $45

  • Cabinet Health offers two Shark Tank Bundles

  • You can get a curated bundle of medicines that treat ailments like pain, sleep, allergy, and cold & flu

  • You can get your prescription filled in a forever bottle and save hundreds of pounds of plastic over your lifetime

  • You can compost the packaging that your medications are delivered in

  • Cabinet Health’s medication packaging also features magnetic labels and child-resistant caps.


Cabinet Health

You can access several medications at various prices and bundles. Bundling allows you to save up to$31.62 on certain medications.

My Take

Cabinet Health is suitable for anyone who often needs to stock up on over-the-counter medications and appreciates doing what they can to help save our planet. Keep in mind that you can get free shipping on certain orders and that bundling allows you to save money.



Walgreens caters to your pharmaceutical, health, wellness, and photo needs. It is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States.


  • You can enjoy contactless delivery in as little as 1 hour Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., when your place your order by 7 p.m.

  • You may be able to pick up your online order in as little as 30 minutes

  • You will get free shipping on orders of $35 and more. Plus, there is a free shipping offer on all prescription refills

  • Walgreens often has clearance sales where you can get just about anything for up to 50%

  • Walgreens offers online pharmacy chat where you can get answers to general health and

    medication questions. Also, these chats are secure and confidential.

  • This pharmacy offers a myWalgreens membership program where you can get access to lots of rewards and benefits

  • You can track your prescription status via their mobile app or on their website



The price of the medications sold by Walgreens varies due to different factors. You can send your prescription to get a better idea of how much you would pay, or you can browse their over-the-counter options.

My Take

Walgreens is a great option for those who like the convenience of having more than just medications delivered to their door. Also, you can get lots of discounts and savings.

ExactCare Pharmacy


ExactCare Pharmacy offers medication management and pharmacy care for people who have chronic conditions, take multiple prescription medications, and receive care from multiple providers.


They partner with healthcare organizations to enable better clinical outcomes, financial results, and patient health through their online medical services.


  • ExactCare Pharmacy provides medications to customers who are in assisted living and long-term care facilities and also those who are going through transitions of care

  • The ExactCare Pharmacy is licensed with the Board of Pharmacy in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

  • ExactCare works with organizations such as care homes, hospitals, and clinics across the healthcare spectrum to enable improved clinical outcomes

  • You can purchase both controlled substances and over-the-counter drugs from ExactCare

  • This pharmacy coordinates with prescribers at the start of care and ongoing to ensure patient needs are comprehensively and rapidly addressed

  • ExactCare Pharmacy will help to reduce the stress and confusion of managing multiple medications, making it easier for you to stay on track with your refills.


ExactCare Pharmacy

ExactCare bills you monthly for its services. Your monthly bill cost will vary depending on the type of medications dispensed to you and the amount.

My Take

ExactCare Pharmacy is ideal for those who need to save time or just prefer home delivery. It is also suitable for you if you are unable to travel to your doctor’s office or pharmacy.



AccuPac delivers your presorted medication to your home each month at no additional cost. You are only responsible for paying your copays. They help you to have the right dose at the right time, every time.


  • AccuPac labels and packages your medications to help you save time and reduce your daily stress by moving away from confusing medication management

  • AccuPac will also transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy to theirs

  • This pharmacy also stocks over-the-counter meds and vitamins

  • Each packet dispensed in the pharmacy is sent through a 12-point electronic prescription verification system, which ensures the right pill is in the right packet

  • Your pills are delivered presorted based on the time of day you take them. Each packet is clearly labeled with the medication names and time of dose

  • Your doctor can send prescriptions to AccuPac at any time via fax at 877-526-8823, phone at 866-213-9821 or e-scribe

  • An AccuPac Patient Care Advocate will contact you a week before your refill is due, and you may call any day of the week to speak with a pharmacist



There is no charge for the AccuPac service other than standard 30-day copays, which means your copays will remain the same.

My Take

AccuPac is ideal for anyone who has difficulty sorting their medications or understanding the doses because each packet you receive is customized and labeled according to your prescription.




divvyDOSE is a full-service pharmacy that delivers your prescriptions, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications once a month in presorted, customized packs.


  • divvyDOSE makes it easy for you to switch to their pharmacy; you can enroll online or over the phone

  • divvyDOSE handles your future refills, so you never have to worry about forgetting to place an order

  • divvyDOSE provides free delivery. You only pay your co-pays.

  • This pharmacy works with most insurance companies

  • They have trusted pharmacists available 24 hours a day, every day of the week

  • Your doctor can send over your new prescription via e-scribe, phone at 844.348.8979, and fax at 855.587.7952.



The divvyDOSE service does not cost any extra, and your copays will remain the same as your 30-day fill price. Based on your insurance, your 90-day fill price may be slightly higher.

My Take

divvyDOSE is ideal for anyone who needs help remembering what medications to take and when. This service is perfect for a senior living independently or someone who has difficulty taking the right dose at the right time.

Are Online Pharmacies Legitimate?

Yes, online pharmacies are legitimate. Many of them work with board-certified doctors and pharmacists to review and dispense medication orders.


They are just as legitimate as your local pharmacy and offer many, if not all, the same services, such as a prescription refill, transfer, birth control, etc.


You can expect expert care, and they even accept major insurances.


Overall, online prescriptions are an effective and convenient way of obtaining prescription medications.


For those who are unable to physically visit a pharmacy or simply prefer the convenience of an online pharmacy, online prescriptions are a convenient and cost-effective option.


The online pharmaceutical service provided by an online pharmacy or online prescription service is often more affordable than traditional pharmacies and provides a wide range of medications.

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