Breakfast Should Be a Judgement Free Zone

At Home Diabetes Test: Breakfast Should Be Judgement Free

How To Educate About Blood Sugar Without Judgment

In today’s society, we are becoming more aware of the language we use. People don’t want to offend others or use words, phrases, or analogies that may cause discomfort or harm. So it’s important to note that when the giant pile of french toast covered in strawberries and whipped cream is delivered to your friend and set at that table next to the tall hot chocolate with even more whipped cream, it is not appropriate to assure your friend they’re going to get diabetes.

Who Are You? The American Diabetes Association?

Sure, sugar consumption does play a significant role in the development and management of diabetes. But let your friend eat their pile of French toast without judgment. Leave that to their doctor. Maybe they had a rough week at work or a wild night out, and that Saturday morning splurge is precisely what they need. Everyone needs a little comfort food now and then.


But yes, if you are already diagnosed with diabetes or have conditions that will make it more likely to develop diabetes, perhaps the Saturday morning sugar bomb is not the way to go.

Yay For Medical Professionals

There is so much to understand about diabetes. It is a complicated medical disorder involving a lot of nuanced understanding and management. Thankfully, medical science understands much about the condition and how to manage it. Not only that, but we now have a variety of ways to diagnose, test, and manage diabetes from the comfort of your home. (To be clear, your doctor should give you the official diagnosis.)

Know Your At Home Diabetes Test Kit

When looking at home diabetes tests, be clear about what you are purchasing. Some at home tests are for actually identifying if you have the markers for diabetes. Other test kits are designed for people diagnosed with diabetes and who need to monitor their blood sugar levels or blood glucose level.

It's Just A Little Finger Prick

Here are a series of articles to help you determine what test might be right for you. I hope you’re not squeamish with blood because that’s just a reality of testing for and managing diabetes. But for goodness’ sake, there are small children with diabetes getting finger pricks multiple times a day, so if you’re old enough to be reading this, you can probably handle it. Besides, monitoring your blood and glucose levels with a simple finger prick is better than the alternative (which could be undiagnosed or unmanaged diabetes).

Learn More About Diabetes And What At Home Diabetes Test Is Good For You

To learn more about diabetes itself, these articles can help:

Best at-Home Hemoglobin A1c Test Kits

How to Test for Diabetes at Home 

Be A Good Friend

Remember, the next time your friend orders that pile of sugar for breakfast to combat the self-inflicted punishment from the night before, keep your opinions to yourself, but then passive-aggressively share one of these articles with them later that day. After all, it’s important to be educated.

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