COVID On The Rise…Again

COVID On The Rise - Covid-19 symptoms

Here we go again. How many times are we going to say that during this pandemic? Perhaps it’s not even considered a pandemic anymore. Don’t those have a shelf life? Covid-19 seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, but not a gift at all, so more like that pesky neighbor that pops over for a bit and then just stays. Whatever it’s called now or whatever phase we’re in, no matter if you’re vaccinated or not (but let’s hope you are), COVID tests are still a critical aspect of our society at the moment. Thankfully, there are a variety of at-home test kits to help us keep each other safe.


What’s Worse Than Missing a Date? Giving them COVID.

Let’s say you have a big meeting coming up at work, one you can’t miss because you called everyone together to share the less-than-exciting news of whatever project you’ve been preparing. You know what? Nevermind. Say you have an exciting date or an anticipated family celebration (not a child’s birthday party), and you’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. You wake up with a runny nose and a headache the morning of. Nothing too serious, you tell yourself, as you pop some ibuprofen and check your stash of DayQuil. You’re ready to go about your day with anticipatory glee for later. Then you remember, and a sinking feeling takes over. What if it’s COVID?

Covid-19 symtoms

Ugh, can’t anyone just get colds anymore?

The answer is yes, but we don’t have the luxury of assuming they are just colds. For the sake of society and those around us, it is important that, if we must go out into the world with a case of the sniffles or some other mild symptom, we test ourselves for COVID to avoid any unnecessary and, most assuredly, unwanted exposure of others to a potential case of those spikes pests. If it’s more than sniffles, you’ll probably just want to stay home anyway.


Health Testing Is An Act of Kindness

The numbers in cases are rising. People are moving around as if we were back to normal (much to the chagrin of introverts worldwide). Thankfully, the vaccines have significantly impacted how this virus affects us. Unfortunately, we are still not out of this pandemic, if we ever will be. But keeping those around us safe and limiting their exposure is a simple act of kindness. Check out these at-home COVID tests to see your options: Best At Home Covid Test Kits 


I’ll Skip the Lobotomy, Thanks

Sure, COVID tests are not fun, unless you enjoy sticking a q-tip as far into your nostril as is comfortable (and a little past that) and giving it a few twirls. They are simple, though. You can do home testing by yourself (or with a friend if that’s your thing). You can even choose whether you read the test results in 15 minutes or send the sample to a laboratory. How to Do An At Home Covid Testing 


Allergies, COVID, and Colds, Oh My!

Maybe those sniffles are allergies or germs you picked up while mingling with the public sans mask (there are other illnesses still). Perhaps it’s one of the many possible symptoms of COVID. Wouldn’t you be happier knowing before exposing your great Aunt Betty or the hot new guy from marketing that asked you out?

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