COVID or No? Only a test will really show

At-home Testing and Caring for Children with Covid

We’ve almost done it! The end of the pandemic is nigh, according to the World Health Organization. We can control the number of infections with vaccines and have a variety of ways to treat and manage the symptoms. 


That all being said, children, common vectors of a variety of germs, are back in school and sharing air, along with probably some other things parents don’t like to think about. Illness is going to happen.

The good ol' days

How do you know if that runny nose and sore throat come from a spiky virus powerful enough to shut down the world, or just a typical cold that makes you tired and grumpy but doesn’t warrant a day (or 10) at home?


Remember when we didn’t have to think about our cough or runny nose? How many people trudged into work or school with swollen glands and red noses?


Then regaled with health advice (not outright horror), leaving with assurances of drinking more water and getting plenty of rest that night?


These days, if you sneeze in public, you better hope you flee fast or have on a hazmat suit for fear of the repercussions from those around you.

So, is it covid or not?

Schools may not be implementing mask mandates and proximity rules these days. Still, they do not want children with covid to come within breathing distance. This is where at-home covid tests come into play.


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I'd like to send back my covid order and get the champagne brunch, please.

Of course, nobody likes shoving a fuzzy q-tip up their nose. But if it’s a forced 10-day isolation or a nose tickle, you might as well know and get on with your life. If the test is negative, your kid is free to go back to school (and you’re free for that coffee meet-up, business proposal meeting, or the 11am champagne brunch because, well, why not?)

If it is COVID, what then?

Movies. Lots of movies. And when they’re done with movies, more movies. Of course, reading to them, playing mellow games, doing art activities, and things like that are great, assuming you don’t mind being close to them for an extended period. 


As a parent, you can’t really avoid it.

Sweet bonding time

Perhaps it might be better to get COVID as well so the two of you can hang together, read funny stories, and watch that kid-friendly Netflix series you’ve been dying to see. 


There are typically two tests in an at-home covid test kit box. One for you and one for your child.


Testing for and managing covid symptoms is now common knowledge in many homes. Tackling covid has become something that many of us are skilled at; at-home nose swabs, teas, soups, rest, and of course, lots and lots of movies.

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