Elderly Parents, At-Home Lab Tests, and Tinder

(Okay, Maybe not so much of that third one)

The inevitability of life is that we all keep getting older, slowly decaying through the years, marching or slogging our way to the end of our life. If we’re lucky, this end is several decades from when we were introduced to the physical world. Funny topic, right? But like that cheesy 80s American television sitcom, that’s the facts of life..

The Circle of Life

Depending on your opinion, you may be lucky (or unlucky) enough to have the resources and time to care for elderly parents at home. Isn’t that the way of it? The wheel of life continues to circle. Our parents (or some kind of guardian) care for us when we are too young to care for ourselves. 


They feed us when we’re hungry, soothe us when we cry, and wipe our backsides when we “do a poo” (that’s baby talk for a bowel movement). Sometimes, if our parents are blessed with long life, they need the same treatment returned in their later years.

Who Really Likes Peas Anyway?

Caring for an elderly parent can seem overwhelming, a daunting task to consider. The medical appointments, prescriptions, the complications of frail bodies, having to help set up their Tinder account, and their refusal to eat vegetables. (If your 90-year-old grandmother refuses to eat her peas, I say she’s earned her right to say no in peace.) 


That can be a lot to take on in life when you have careers, children, travel desires, and your own Tinder account to manage. In this age of the internet and online shopping, resources are available to help you care for an elderly parent.

Help Is On the Way

Ordering at-home lab tests off the internet can be a beneficial resource. People in their later years tend to need more interactions with healthcare workers. If you’re concerned about how that weighs on your own schedule, be comforted. You can cut back on the driving time and doctor appointment waiting rooms by ordering at-home lab tests.

A Plethora of Tests

At-home lab tests cover a variety of potential health issues; cholesterol, diabetes, colon cancer, celiac disease, heart and liver function, inflammation, iron, UTI, thyroid, prostate, STDs (hopefully not an issue, but if Grandma does have that Tinder account, it might be an important one), and the list goes on. 

There are also tests available to check the air, soil, and water quality to help keep your elderly parent safe and healthy. 

Check out this article for a comprehensive list of available at-home test kits 33 at home lab tests you can do

Return the Love and Care, it's good for all of you

If you are blessed with the opportunity to care for an elderly parent, help them to stay around longer by monitoring their health with at-home lab tests. Listen to their stories, enjoy their company, and if they do ask for help with that Tinder profile, give it without judgment; they’ve probably earned that.

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