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Are you concerned that you may have been exposed to heavy metal? I’m not talking about the type of music in which adult members might dress in costume and thrash about the stage while screaming into a microphone. Indeed, you would know if you had been exposed to that heavy metal, and while some would argue it is bad for your health, it’s most likely not on the FDA’s list of harmful materials.

Heavy metal toxicity is not music to the ears

I mean heavy metals like mercury, lead, copper, selenium, and zinc. These heavy metals can cause serious health problems to people who have been exposed (arguable by some folk perhaps of quieter dispositions, so could the music). Cancer, reduced nerve function, nervous system and thyroid issues, and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to long-term exposure to heavy metals.

John Prine Wrote A Song About a Place Like That…it was not heavy metal

How do you know if you have had exposure to heavy metals? If you live near a mining operation or a chemical waste dump, you’re probably aware of the risks of these these kinds pollutants. But they aren’t relegated to these contaminated areas. They are found in various environments, including ones that appear clean and safe.

Talk about a toxic metal

Most of us know how detrimental lead can be to our bodies (older generations will remember outdated and non-pc schoolyard taunts implying someone’s ingestion of paint chips). When everyday household paint contained lead, society learned the hard way what lead poisoning can do.

For Sickness or Health?

Zinc is an essential heavy metal in the body. Many people take a zinc supplement in times of immune distress and need (think pandemic), though it is a supplement to use with caution. It may be something our body needs, but it can also be dangerous if out of balance.

Should Have called themselves Arsenic

Anthrax may be the name of a heavy metal band, but the anthrax of past postal delivery scares is a disease, not a heavy metal found in the body.

Another good band name, silent stalkers?

Heavy metals may be silent stalkers in our diet and environment. Some are important for our well-being, but our health is in danger when the balance gets thrown off. Some people are exposed to more toxic environments, have cause for more concern, and should test regularly. Others may simply want a baseline view of what toxic metals may lurk in their body.

A little blood here, some urine there, a fingernail or two

Whatever your heavy metal exposure concerns, there are plenty of at-home test kits from which to choose. Collecting the sample is relatively simple, usually urine, hair, blood, etc. The testing kits range in price, as well as the amount of data collected and tested for. One test checks for 60 metals and minerals. (Were you aware there are that many to be concerned about?)

Call to Action

Check out this link to find an at home heavy metals test for you. https://easytesthub.com/best-at-home-heavy-metals-test-kits/

Heavy metals? or Heavy metal?

And if it’s the heavy metal music you’re interested in, then you are in luck. Try a google search. There seems to be no end to the list of options.

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