Like An Apple, At Home Men’s Health Test Can Keep the Doctor Away (for a bit)

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Like women, men suffer from a variety of health concerns ranging from insignificant to terminal. On a typical man’s health scale, the larger the health issue, the less likely they are to go to the doctor. Whereas, a harmful virus (aka a man cold) may lay them up for a day or two, whines resonating throughout the household. Cliché’s aside, men, your health is just as important as the health of your family and friends. Taking a trip to the doctor once in a while for a check-up is tantamount to living a better, healthier, longer life.

No sir, I’d rather not bend over

But hey, scheduling appointments and committing to a time is difficult. Being vulnerable in front of another adult seems impossible and terrifying. I can’t imagine those after 40 prostate exams are anything to look forward to either. Perhaps (like most medical research and treatments) you were the inspiration for at home lab tests. If not, they’re still pretty darn convenient.

Men Have Hormones Too

These tests help you monitor important hormones for the male body like testosterone, estradiol, DHEA, and cortisol. Plenty of men are concerned about their looks and these hormones manage weight, muscle mass, and energy levels, factors that some would argue determine how well a man looks (while other might judge more on things like grooming, facial hair, and clothes choice).

Easy Test Hub Men's Health Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Is Not A Bad Word

These hormones are also responsible for the pride of perhaps too many men, their libido. Sexual prowess and stamina concerns a large number of men. Knowing that there is a way to test the levels of hormones that affect this, with the intention of using the information to create a better balance, these tests should be flying off the shelves.

So Many Things To Monitor For Overall Health

Some tests check for the health of the prostate, heart, liver, kidneys, and more, all essential organs for a healthy, active body. With these tests, men can also measure cholesterol, inflammation, iron, and vitamin d levels. They may not sound as glamourous as testosterone and libido, but they are also essential for a healthy male body.

Plenty Of Good Reasons For Screening Men’s Health

You don’t need a reason to monitor your health. Chronic stress, fatigue, obesity, family  history of low testosterone, hair loss, thyroid issues, heart or liver disease, or any number of health concerns are great reasons to try an at home mebs health test kit, followed by a doctor visit if need be. Even without cause for concern, these tests can be a great way for you to stay on top of your health, maintaining a healthy balance of essential hormones and processes.

Easy Peasy Collection Method

Don’t fear the sample collection. There are no calls for fecal material or anything unsavory as that. A sample of saliva and/or blood from a finger prick is effective.

There Aren’t Enough Apples In The World

While these tests can help monitor a number of health processes and help you put off the doctor for a bit longer, you will eventually have to face your doctor again and take that prostate exam. Good luck!

More About Men’s Health

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