No, Not That Vitamin D

No, Not That Vitamin D

At-Home Vitamin D Test Kits

Contrary to what a boyfriend, husband, or a slew of humor-attempting tik-tok-ers might claim, Vitamin D is actually a vitamin that comes from the sun and is in many of our foods – if we’re eating healthy, whole foods, that is. I’m not sure Vitamin D can survive the rigorous processing of cows and plant material into what passes for cheeseburgers in fast food drive-thrus. However you’re getting your vitamin D (the real Vitamin D), it is crucial for your body to actually get it.

Possible Vitamin D Deficiency...Or Kids

Vitamin D affects our overall feelings of health and vitality. Some signs of D deficiency are chronic fatigue (also kids, kids can induce chronic fatigue), back pain (lifting kids), hair loss (for sure also kids), weight gain…muscle pain…anxiety (all could be attributed to kids as well), and depression (I won’t be rude and mention kids here, but many people who suffer from Seasonal Depression do find some relief in Vitamin D supplements).

A D A Day Keeps The COVID Away... Or Something Like That

We use Vitamin D to absorb minerals like calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Our bones and teeth need it to be healthy and strong. It also strengthens our immune system and helps our white blood cells work properly and efficiently to arm ourselves against outside threats like COVID. There was quite a lot of research showing the effect of COVID on bodies relating to their Vitamin D levels. To sum those up in one phrase—we need Vitamin D.

Enough With The Vitamin D Jokes, This Isn't Tik-Tok

So how do you know that you’re getting it or not getting enough of it? (I’m taking a break from the culturally popular “Vitamin D” jokes for a moment because, really, they write themselves.) If you are familiar with this blog, I’m sure you know what I will say…at-home vitamin D testing kits!

I'll Do This One Myself, Thank You

Most vitamin checks at the doctor’s office involve a blood draw. Not a pleasant experience for a lot of people. The time spent in the waiting room and the awkwardly tight rubber band they wrap around the fleshy part of your arm. Then you have to hope you have someone experienced enough to find the vein the first time. It’s never fun when they don’t. And sometimes, when they pull the needle out of your arm, it feels worse than when it went in.

Mr. Kitters Knows What He's Doing

Avoid that situation by getting an at-home Vitamin D lab test kit. They come with easy enough instructions, and the only pain you have to sit through is a brief finger prick. Your cat could do worse damage. Send in your results, and within a week, you’ll know if you need to increase your Vitamin D intake.

Free the Belly!

I was once told by a healthcare professional that 30 minutes of exposing your belly to the sun is similar to 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D. Perhaps we should all start walking around with our shirts up during the summer months, or we could spare each other that scenario and find a good Vitamin D supplement (and then, of course, remember to take it!)

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