Quality Matters with At-Home Lab Tests

At-Home Lab Tests

Who’s collecting what?

What do you know of at-home lab tests? We all know about the dreaded at-home covid test that requires a steady hand, some deep breaths, and brings to mind warring images of ancient Egyptian embalmers pulling brains out through nostrils and sadistic lobotomizing “doctors.” Okay, maybe they aren’t quite so bad, but there is some truth to what I just described. Covid tests aren’t the only at-home tests out there, and thankfully, we have quite a few options. This is excellent news for those of us who would rather be discreet about testing for STIs or have to get a sample of our own poo into a tiny little tube. Having many options for at-home lab tests also means that there are a variety of companies to choose from, not all of them up to standard. 

Don’t take my bread!

Let’s face it, if you want to do a test that requires fecal collection (okay, not want but need, does anyone really want to collect their feces), you’ll want to be sure the test is from a reputable source. Testing food allergies is also something you want to get right the first time. Imagine spending money and time taking a food allergy test, only to find out you can’t eat bread. That’s enough of a let-down. Worse would be if you didn’t buy from a trusted source and cut bread out of your life for a false positive?

What’s in a name?

Thankfully, I’ve compiled a list of the best and most reliable companies to look for with at-home lab testing, complete with a summary of what they offer and why they are a good choice. Some of the companies you will have heard of, like amazon. You may not have heard of others, but their names are fairly indicative of their services. My Lab Box, Let’s Get Checked, Imaware, and Lab.Me have some pretty straightforward names. They certainly don’t want you to be confused about what they sell. Verisana and Thorne? Perhaps they don’t have the same go-get-’em marketing strategists. 

Know Your Options

My article, Best Companies for At-Home Lab Tests, can help give you an idea of your options and see what good quality companies offer. As with any business in a capitalist society, prices vary. Some companies specialize in certain aspects of health, like STIs and family planning, because who wants to start a family with a burning itch. Other companies specialize in super-fast delivery (I think you all know what company I’m talking about). Many have a team of trained specialists who look over the results. Not that anyone would offer that task to untrained teenagers making minimum wage. 

Where to learn more

There are at-home lab tests for a wide range of people, from those concerned about their gut health to reproductive health, from allergy concerns to hypochondriacs with a unique and varied google search history and a loaded credit card. Finding the right company with reputable products and trained professionals reading the results is vital (let the teenagers have the drive-thrus and retail stores). Follow the link to my blog to get started on your informed search. 

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