You Are The Father…Or Perhaps Not

A paternity test will help clear it up

Questioning paternity is a tale as old as time. This may have something to do with why male lions kill all the young cubs when they win the charge of a new pack, to know they are “his” when the new cubs are born. (Most lions don’t have access to a paternity test kit, so they do what they can.) Although there’s always another bush to crawl behind while the male sleeps. If you ever watched late-morning talk shows in the 90s, you know this also applies to humans.

15 Minutes of Unwanted Fame

Imagine being a man about to discover one of the most life-changing pieces of information, a one-sentence declaration that could affect every aspect of your life. You are asked to receive it on a stage in front of a riled-up audience while it is broadcast to the entire nation and beyond. Ladies, what if you were asked to read the blue lines on your pee stick in the company of a studio of people, recorded to display on any available screen? (Well, in today’s world of Tik Tok and influencers, people seem to be more and more comfortable with this kind of thing.) None of these scenarios seem appropriate for receiving the news of whether or not you will be a parent.

What are you doing with those dna samples?

Thankfully, men, you don’t need to have the looming presence of Maury Povich to learn the truth of your paternity. There are various options for at-home paternity tests that you can do in the privacy of your own kitchen. Now, if the mama is in the kitchen and filling the space like a wound-up Povich audience, there might be other issues. Ladies, if you’re seeking to determine the paternity of a man who doesn’t want to claim it, getting the necessary DNA sample through a cheek swab or tube of saliva might be challenging. A challenge, but not impossible. Check out this article to find the many options for at-home paternity tests to determine your best option.

You Are Not the Father

I recently learned of a family who had always suspected the fourth child was the product of another man. The first three girls were short and looked like their Scottish/German ancestors. There were questions when the son came years later, growing to be a tall, Italian-looking man. Secret whisperings and outright accusations. The parents involved never divulged their secrets and went to their graves withholding answers. Only through the workings of 23 and Me did the children of that son learn officially of their true heritage.

To Know Or Not To Know?

Was it a good thing the son never knew for sure that the father who raised him was not his biological father? Would any existential questions have been answered had a DNA test been performed, resulting in the knowledge that his biological father was the best friend of his mother? If at-home paternity tests had been available 50 years ago, would they have been better off for knowing? That is something people can decide for their own families. But thankfully, there is the option to do so.

Who Are You Calling Deadbeat?

While ‘deadbeat’ dads may be an all-to-common occurrence in our society, at least they do not follow the lead of male lions. And plenty of men out there pray the paternity test finds in favor of them and even continue in the father role if it goes against that. Whatever vision of parenting or not parenting a man may have, if knowing paternity is important and in question, there are many ways to get some answers.

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